Planet Seva FAQ

Compiled by C. A. E. Jones


It has come to our attention that the synopsis and description of Planet Seva that appear on this site might not answer all of the questions that you have. Here we hope to answer any questions that you might have. If you have a question that isn't answered, you can submit it using the comments page. Your question and its answer should be posted there soon! And if you feel that an addition needs to be made to this FAQ, feel free to say so! We are always eager to hear what visitors have to say!



So the main characters end up in a "Seemingly Utopian society?" What does that mean?

Simply put, the first two major characters to appear end up in a world that seems to have defeated the issues that modern society face.

What can you tell us about the characters?

Well, we don't want to spoil the build up… but in short, we have one person who is willing to do what it takes to put a stop to what he considers "evil," and his companion is a more average (Though less assertive than average) teenager, who, despite protests and ill feelings, has just as much to contribute to the story. From a certain angle, they look like opposites.

Anything about the plot you'd like to reveal?

That's what the book is for.

Is there any action?

Yes. Action fans should be satisfied. However, the book is not just action; much of the point and the power is felt through more subtle happenings and the characters.

How complicated is the storyline and/or the character relationships?

… pass…

Anything you'd like to warn us about?

… If you get bored at the travel agent, turn the page.

Can we have a preview (Besides that one at the publisher's site, it's pathetic)?

A jacket-type exerpt from the book may appear here some time soon. Remember, membership is free and there is no spamming of your E-mail inbox!

Should I buy the book?

That's up to you. The price isn't too friendly though… click the "Library" button on the main page to go to the purchase page. (Hint: The e-book is cheaper and arrives more quickly)

I want the book in stores so it can get off the ground!

Hahaha. You aren't the only one. We just need $700 to do so. L

How long is the book?

254 pages in its 5X8 paperback form. 144 8.5x11.

Is the book available in other languages?

Actually, I found it in a European language (German or something very similar in sound). Just go to and search for "Planet Seva", including the quotes. As of now, this site onlyappears in Altavista! L

Is there a sequel?

Will be. When is yet undecided, though it will probably depend on the public's response.