Audio Games by CAE_Jones

Some of these just aren't appropriate for the main games page, for some reason. (Feel free to check out what's there, though...).

Most of these games require the Blastbay Games Toolkit to run. It also helps if you've got a sapi5+ text to speech engine installed on your system (If you're using windows XP or higher, you probably do).

Title / download File Size.


DLE Beta 90.6MB

A beta version of a Jeqo-related RPG. Currently enhances the contents of Escape the Dark Legion. The full version may or may not go far enough beyond that to warrant a completely different title.

Update: You can get the full version at this link!

See Its download page for other versions.

Sample Recording (MP3)
fyquest, an RPG/adventure using the Swamp Campaign engine 14.0MB

Created for the campaign mode of Swamp (by the mighty Aprone), you can pick from one of three starting classes, travel, explore, find neat little things, complete sidequests and... oh, yeah, there's actually a main goal/storyline! With dungeon-crawling and stuff!

Swamp, the original Zombie FPS by Aprone, and the latest campaign client
Jeqocon Games
(.exe version) Includes:
  • The JF IM Adventure
  • Dragonball: Grand Unification
  • Planet Seva Vs. Herendil
  • An early version of Audio Mario (see below).
  • A single map from JF IM 2

This package is a collection of various java-based games; java6 is bundled with the games (find and run "play.bat" once you've extracted everything).

Dragonball: Grand Unification is a side-scrolling action game, with plenty of fighting. Based on this text RPG.

Planet Seva Vs. Herendil is a sidescrolling action game using the same system as DB:GU (though the two play rather differently aside from the fighting). Razze Highland winds up on Seva, for some reason. Adventures across space and universes ensue. If the story were explained any further, both Planet Seva and Herendil would implode from broken spoilers.

The JF IM Adventure is a 3d action/adventure/sorta-kinda-RPG not designed to make more sense than it needs to. Settings include a modern city, the temple of a terrifying monster, a rather monotonous planet, a mountain fortress, a from-the-ashes-of-sci-fi fantasy-esque world... basically, whatever the heck we felt like throwing in over the instant message conversation that spawned this monstrocity. Have fun!

Justice League Accemble! 59.2MB

A 2D action game with some platforming elements and a lot of beating up bad guys as some classic super heros. The Flash is fast, Superman is overpowered, and Batman is the freakin' Batman. And as it turns out, there are about 30 playable characters, 16 stages and various hidden things and reasons to replay levels. Yay!

A recording of the first level (MP3)
BGT Keyboard 1.68KB

A bgt program for playing music using the keyboard. It will generate the necessary sounds if it needs to.

(So I'm away from my actual instruments too much and decided to make something to play in the mean time...)

Super Mario Bros.: the Audio Edition 18.9mb

Ever heard of a little thing called Super Mario Bros.? (If not, ask Dr. Google...). It's the sort of game that doesn't inherently lend itself to being playable without sight. I decided that simply would not do, and created this version. Notice that, while it is meant to follow the NES version as closely as possible, there are some differences here and there (since I was designing it mostly from memory, and all... also because I didn't have reason to program it with pixel precision when the smallest objects are a block or so in size).

Demo recording (MP3)
Matcher (code proofreading) 1.18kb

This program will prompt you for a filename, then will report on whether that file contains any mismatched braces, parentheses, or brackets, and will also include the number of quotation marks. I made this because small errors in code can confuse compilers enough that it is very difficult to track down the cause. This program has helped speed up that search significantly.

Simple Mystery 38.1kb

This game generates six random people, and throws them into a house together. The catch is that one of them intends to murder another, and your job is to catch the killer!

A javascript version. Warning: the default security settings in IE7 and IE8 (and probably later versions of IE) do not like this program, and could well get you stuck in an infinite loop if you aren't careful. (Works fine in Firefox, from the looks of it.)
Sengoku Jidai (AKA the Blind Samurai) 30.2mb

A strategy/war game based on the Warring States period of Japan. Historical details were consulted, but don't expect something 100% historically accurate. (Also, excessive use of Japanese for simple things like fruit and vegetables...).

Demo recording (MP3)
Sonic the Hedgehog, Audio Edition 32.4mb

Maybe you've heard of Sonic the Hedgehog? (If not, ask Google!).The original version of this game doesn't lend itself much to playing without sight, so I made this version.

an informal walkthrough of Green Hills Act 1 (txt)
Sonic the Hedgehog Custom Vehicle for Top Speed 3 1.02mb

So there's this audio racing game called Top Speed 3, from Playing in the Dark. It allows players to create their own vehicles or tracks. This is a custom vehicle based on Sonic.

The Sword Game 2.5MB

A somewhat bopIt-style game, in which you can use your choice of the keyboard or the mouse to fight off an endless supply of sword-wielding enemies. Oh, and you can get your legs chopped... off? Or chopped, at least.

This is based on a sample game by Brian Smart. It has trouble running on anything other than Windows XP, but here's the original (3.8mb), if you'd like to compare. The main differences? Mine isn't self voicing, gives you time to lose hope around 50 kills, and is multidirectional. Smart's version was made to accompany an artical on the role of the mouse in Audio Games, so it wasn't meant to be that complicated, and I basically just applied his suggestions in my remake.

Swamp Map Editor 458KB

A program for creating and editing custom maps for Swamp, the Zombie FPS by Aprone

Temporal, Time Traveling Strategy game, a remake (with sound) of the original by the ever awesome Aprone. 2.6MB

What happens when someone with the power to travel through time wakes up and doesn't like being a test subject? Find out! You're only weapon in this game is the ability to travel through time. Use it to escape from the facility where you're being held.

Towering Tones 2.62MB

So, have you heard of those puzzle games in which jewels, or beans, or pills, or whatever fall from above, and you have to match up the colors before they fill up the entire screen? This is like that, only all sound. The music comes from Columns (a classic Sega game of this type).

A javascript version (that is less awesome)


Sometimes, quality requires funds, and most of the time, we don't have those. We really would rather avoid charging for our stuff whenever possible, but some of it is simply not that easy to produce without a budget (and holycrap the job search is not moving quickly. -_-). If you'd like to contribute, we'll be quite glad of it (and hopefully, so will you and everyone else who gets to play with the results!).

JULY 2013 ONLY: Donate at least $5.00US and receive the full version of Escape the Dark Legion (normally $10.00US)!

We'll be keeping record of how donations are used, and may find ways to recognize donaters in the products that they support. If we get to something that simply requires more investment than donations can cover (and thus requires a price tag), your donations will count toward purchases. Hopefully, though, it won't ever need to come to that!

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