Seva-Yrekcom Conflict


Drawing of a starfleet battle above Yrekcom

name: Seva-Yrekcom conflict; "Liberation of Yrekcom", "Conquest of the Alliance"
Occurred: In the mid 1930's. Lasted only a few days*
Causes: The people of Seva had their first glimpse of life on a world in another galaxy. They had seen Earth, particularly the negative aspects of human activities. When the eyes of Seva turned to the planet of Ihrekm in their own galaxy, they were shocked and amazed that such activities so much like Earth's had gone on so close without notice. Ambassadors were sent to the planet to try and learn more. The leaders of Ihrekm were hostile to the idealistic foreigners, sure that they would try to enter into their lives without assemilating into the cultures of the world. Sevan intelligence discovered that the leaders were able to sway many of the people, occupying any thoughts of needing something by letting greed and violence be key in the society. Only the impoverished--of which there were billions--were not in support of the governments, and even then, they knew little of these extra terestrials.

It was also apparent that the cultures of the world had all but blended entirely, only slight differences detectible in different areas. For the most part, the cultures weren't even regional anymore, sparking lots of internal conflict, particularly among the lower classes. The clear social issues and political corruption that seemed to engulf the world was frightening to the people of Seva, who had only seen such things from Earth, and even then, not to the extent that Ihrekm had taken it.

After months of attempting to arrange diplomatic connections, the people of Seva were openly accused of attempting to invade, either by force, or as infiltraters. The accusations suggested that Seva as a whole meant to destroy the way of life of the people of Ihrekm, and furthermore, the people of Seva were planning to remove all luxuries and private things that the people of Ihrekm had.

These accusations were heard by many on the planet, and throughout Esrevni. The wealthy of Ihrekm were easily on the side of the powers in the issue, at times accused of manipulating them with their own wealth and power. The upper class across Ihrekm began to establish defenses, gathering weapons and guards. The government was a bit unnerved, though they trusted that the rich would not rebel. However, some gathered their "Noble armies" to join forces with the invaders when they did arrive. It soon became necessary for the rich to apply for permits to establish their defensive bodies, involving pledges of alegance and increased tribute to the governing powers.

On the streets below the great structures of wealth, the conflict was nearly in swing without any outsiders present. Among the lower class there were divisions. Some of the more powerful people that had been opposed to the government were entering the slums and the wastelands of Ihrekm, stating that Seva would be their savior. Some went as far as becoming terrorists, attacking facilities that symbolized the corporate powers. What conflicts had already stood on Ihrekm were elevated into disorder as the Freeworld Brigade and such organizations attempted to pave the way for their "liberators." The government was all but oblivious to the insergents, letting the rich and the business owners deal with the thorns of the "Sub-human rebels."

It soon became apparent that the situation on Ihrekm would escalate into something bloody that would cost countless lives that did not need to be lost. The people of Seva were called to decide what should be done. The ideas of different types of government and the feelings of the other societies were difficult to understand for the people who had lived in a world where conflict was a thing of nightmares. For many, it was impossible to decide what should be done. In the end, it was decided that the violence had to be stopped.

The ambassidor of Seva, attempting to represent the entire world, sent a message to Ihrekm, taking great lengths to ensure that it reached the ears of all on the world. It was said that the government needed to open its eyes to the chaos that had been made. It was also said that the insergent battles were not the key to freedom. The ambassidor warned that if the violence continued, there would be brutal massacres that would cost the lives of people who were uninvolved. It was declared that Seva would never bring about the death of any being on Ihrekm at any cost less it be in the salvation of lives. The same was stated of any Sevan that might become a threat of the same degree. The ambassidor made it clear that the people of Seva were horrified by the state of the world and had agreed that it had to stop. The question was the method, and it was stated that the method would depend on how the people of Ihrekm chose to deal with their situation.

While several people were enlightened by the message, many more were outraged. Those who had been fighting for freedom felt betrayed. Those in power were furious, feeling as though the Sevans were acting as parents with some sort of authority to tell them what was right and what was wrong. The net effect was that Ihrekm became a mob of different people, its hopes of sticking to any single policy gone.

Those that had been moved by the ambassidor's message were people that had been in seats of public aclaim. These people lost much of their support in trying to explain how the ambassidor had been right. At the same time, they found many allies that formed small yet powerful groups that hoped to come to a sollution. After much internal conflict, some of these alliances managed to escape Ihrekm under military pursuit. They managed to draw far enough from Ihrekm that the Sevan ships that had been in orbit as observers and diplomats were able to discover what was afoot and helped to free the "refugees" from the fist of the military. They then spoke with the leaders of the Enlightened knowers. It was revealed that there would hardly be any chance of a peaceful sollution. Taking such a society and molding it into something else, whether with evil dominance or cooperative benefits, would be nearly impossible. It was far too abrupt.

However, it soon became clear from the suppressions on Ihrekm that the order was breaking down. It was becoming so that the rich and powerful were liked only by hand fulls of followers. The majority of the people were in favor of a new order, though only a small percentage of these people wanted Seva to institute that regime. The dictatorships across Ihrekm looked as though they would fall at any moment. But the people of Seva had caught a glimpse of Earth, and they knew that such revolutions would have some sort of drawbacks. Corruption was the weed that had to be eliminated. But of course, this brought up the question of free will. Oddly enough, no discussions of this topic were broadcast extensively across Seva...

With some of Ihrekm's Peace-seekers at their sides, the Sevan diplomats made a final call to Ihrekm. Revolution would only succeed, if it could allow for life to be free of evil. A society such as those on Ihrekm could not be perged of bad things, but they could be cleansed of conflict. Or so the people of Seva believed.

When insergents managed to take control of a sector of Ihrekm, the government powers were frightened. They sent the military to destroy the insergents, hoping to eliminate what rebellion they could. It was clear, however, that the only way to do so was to destroy the people as a whole.

This was enough for the vocal of Seva. They felt certain that this would send the planet into chaos. The only thing that they saw as a sollution was intervention.

Participants: Seva, Yreckom. The remaining worlds of Esrevni chose not to intervene, though some individuals might have contributed to one cause or the other (Very little if any support from outside was given to Yrekcom, though there were those that disagreed with what was going on).

As society on Ihrekm had decayed into unorganized conflict, the people of Seva were forced to make another decision. There were many mixed feelings among the average Sevans, but in the end those that voiced their feelings made it clear what was to happen. The violence would be stopped.

A squadron of Sevan starships, armed with solid/liquid-containing crystals (See Technology) infiltrated the area controlled by Ihrekm insergents. Their first act was to deliver an ultimatum: the military forces from the weakened governments, as well as the insergents, would call off their military actions in the area at once. The government units ignored the warning and the insergents responded by stating that they would fight for their preservation.

Inevitably, the first interplanetary battle began with the failure to meet the ultimatum. Sevan ships captured nearly the entirety of the forces sent to destroy the insergents (a few skilled or lucky soldiers may have fled, though that is yet unclear). The tactics that the insergents were planning to make use of had them closely watched by Sevan forces. They would not be allowed to fight unless all other defensive maneuvers were exhausted.

The governments of Ihrekm--many who had been enemies until now--were outraged. They took the act of the Sevans as a sign of invasion, war, conquest, and overthrow. The planet was greatly divided, those in support of the governments quickly coming together to crush all that they perceived as a threat to their regime. It was in this time that the wealthy that had built their armies in plans of rebellion denounced their fortunes and fled the upper areas to give their support to Seva.

Many in the lower regions were not pleased by the appearance of the rogue rich. Several skirmishes started in the streets between forces that both wanted the governments to fall. Only one major battle occured in this manner, and the Sevan forces were not aware in time to stop the bloodshed.

The governing forces were now the target of the Sevan military. Though they did not want the planet to fall into anarchy, they also did not want to enforce their system upon the people of Ihrekm. However, popular support among the vocal forced the Sevan military to choose to disable the agitaters. While keeping strict eyes on the cities and insergent strongholds, Sevan military leaders sent their starfleets to the capitals of the Ihrekm governments. They could not hide all of these attacks, however, and this resulted in three major starfleet battles in space and in the skies of Ihrekm. Though the Ihrekm fighters were equipped with powerful weapons, they were not designed for the near invulnerability achieved by Doporhtran shielding (see technology). The sevan starships were able to take out most of the Ihrekm fleets with relative ease. Mass-oriented crystals were used to disable government bases and military fortresses. The infiltrating forces then swept into the cities (and outskirt strongholds) and dealt with artillery before capturing leaders and dismantling the government-controlled military networks.

Sevan leaders announced that they could not turn Ihrekm into another Seva, but they would put a stop to the violence of the world. This involved a massive slum-observation operation that inspired many gurrilla fighters to work against the "occupiers." It was impossible to weed out all of these rebels, so the Sevan militants on the planet maintained high defenses and focused only on keeping the people of Ihrekm from harming one another (Though it cannot be denied that a few Sevan soldiers may have been far more aggressive with this process than was necessary. Most such soldiers fell far from grace after the main occupation had ended.).

The Sevan forces wanted it to be clear that they did not want to occupy the world. They brought together as many of the rebel leaders as they could, heightening security for the meeting. Many of the rebel fighters were aware of the futility of their weapons on Sevan defenses, but Sevan sympathisers and other enemies among the people of Ihrekm were far more destroyable.

At the meeting, it was agreed that there was hardly any way that the various factions across the divided world could come to agreements. However, it was decided that violence would either stop or be stopped. All leaders present that remained influential commanded that attacks, no matter what the reason, would not be permitted. Smaller chains of insergents were scattered throughout the planet, leading to The Alliance Anti-crime movements. For the most part, however, there ceased to be organized resistance. Everytime that unhappy civilians chose to defy the invaders, the Sevan leaders would listen to what they had to say. In the end, decisions were made that barely held a majority of the vocal people's support. More detail of the policies in the aftermath of the conflict can be found in Yrekcom occupation policy.

With Ihrekm beginning to work cooperatively with Seva, the other powers of Esrevni began to become more involved. Though not everyone on Ihrekm was pleased with Sevan actions, the newer generations--and many of the older--were beginning to see some positive effects. Ill feelings would remain, but the carnage was at an end.

With this new era came Ihrekm's awareness of the distant world of Earth. Seeing Esrevni's, particularly Seva's detest toward Earth's governments' negative qualities, they conceded to join the alliance of worlds, spelling the name of their world "Yrekcom" (bivpxln in written Sdrawkcab), though they kept the older Ihrekm languages alive. Yrekcom was within the modern age of Esrevni.

* Though the events leading up to the conflict happened over quite a time, as well as the resolution of the post-war resistance, the actual war lasted very briefly due to Seva's advanced technology.



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