Dragon Ball R

Written by C. A. E. Jones.

Disclaimer: No DB ownage from me. A couple concepts that appear here originated in other people's fanfics; Azuri and Wolfstar in particular; if anything, this should show that their stuff is awesome enough that it randomly appears in DBR canon, therefore you should read it. :P

Season 2: Are you tired of OCs, yet?


Murasaki: Ah, Goku, my old friend...

Goku: Hmm... I guess you're not with the red ribbon army anymore?

Murasaki: The Red Ribbon army... Hah, you haven't heard of their reformation? They are dragonball guardians now! And I am not as young as I once was...

Goku: Oh. So... what brings you out here?

Murasaki: There is a tournament in the south. My rival is entering his students... but my brothers and I are not allowed to enter. But I don't have students of my own. But I know that you can beat them!

Goku: Hmm, a tournament... sounds like fun!

Chichi: Goku! You know he's just trying to use you to beat up his enemies...

Goku: Hmm, yeah, it would be kind of unfair. How strong are these guys?

Murasaki: I believe I can defeat them myself...

Goku: Well, then, It'd be a little unfair for me to enter. But I know who could use the experience! Tien and Yamcha's students... some of them are pretty strong, but haven't faced real opponents yet. And all of that weird stuff with Freeza and the dolls makes building up the next generation a pretty good idea.

Vekin: Hmm. Maybe.

Kairin: Ninja tournament? Awesome! Let's go!

Kejek: Wait... where did you say it's being held?

Murasaki: Gachukku town.

Kejek: Hmm... I might have to join you.

Kairin: I bet magic isn't allowed.

Kejek: That's not the point.

*they go there*

Kejek: ... Him.

Kairin: Is he from...

Kejek: Yes. That's Elanmak from magic school.

Kairin: He's a wizard _and_ a ninja?

Kejek: I can't say I trust his motives... he messes with dark things.

Elanmak: *goes into a bathroom*

Vekin: Hmm... You're right... I don't sense him now.

Kejek: *sigh*. Anyone have an index card? I probably shouldn't use magic for this.

Kairin: *uses quadblade to open the door*.

Kejek: ... The toilet is...

Kairin: Don't tell me he jumped in the toilet...

Kejek: He did. It leads somewhere...

Vekin: We should leave before he comes back.

Murasaki: Yes... the first matches are about to begin...

Elanmak: *returns and fights in the first match* *owns his opponent with much ease*

Kejek: *uses the match as an opportunity to investigate the toilet portal*.

Katar: ... Another wizard.

Kejek: What's going on here?

Katar: Get me out of here and I'll tell you.

Kejek: You have a tail!

Katar: Yeah, most saiyans do.

*Kejek and Katar return to the tournament area*

Vekin: I think I'm up next.

Kejek: Guys...

Kairin: Huh?

Katar: So what's all of this? An arena?

Kejek: So, explain what that place was.

Katar: It's... a kind of pocket dimention. Right now it's under the control of a sorceror called Jaavan. For a while now that other wizard kid has been meeting with him... They're definitely up to something, but they don't want me finding out.

Kairin: So how did you get there? Who else is there?

Katar: It's the one place that Freeza couldn't find... and I still don't know how time works there. A small group of saiyans that was off world when Freeza attacked were on a planet with mystics that could access that place. Some of the saiyans decided to stay and fight... but they were wiped out by Freeza. The rest struck a deal with the mystics... they knew Freeza would destroy the planet, but the race could be spared if the Saiyans helped them evacuate into the pocket realm. So the saiyans helped provided they could stay there to escape Freeza. And then Jaavan came to power and used it as a place to build his forces and make his plans.

Elanmak: *comes back from the bathroom*

Kejek: Hey! Elanmak!

Elanmak: What do you want, 'jek?

Kejek: I want to know what your friend is up to.

Elanmak: Hmmph. *kicks Kejek into a wall*.

Murasaki: ... It is time to fight...

Kejek: Ugh... I think Jaavan needs our attention more.

Murasaki: If you go you'll forfeit the tournament.

Vekin: Oh well.

Murasaki: *sigh*.

*Goten, Trunks, and... yeah... several of the Z-peoples are at an abandoned mall because there's less traffic*

Supreme Kai: *BAMF*.

Gohan: Supreme Kai? I didn't expect to see you at a shopping mall. Especially the arcade...

Supreme Kai: I have two reasons for appearing here. It seems that when Majin Buu attacked the world of the Kais, Bibidi was able to salvage the potara of the west and north kais. It's possible that he retrieved those of South and Dai Kaio as well.

Gohan: So... why don't you just go pick them up?

Supreme Kai: I would, but I have something else to attend to. Trunks...

Trunks: Huh?

Supreme Kai: I want you to come with me.

Trunks: Go with you... where? What for?

Supreme Kai: There is special training that I want you to undergo. It is important to the future of the universe.

Trunks: ... Wow!

*They leave*

Gohan: So... are we supposed to go grab the potara?

Supreme Kai:

Gohan: Well... I guess we should go. ... Goten?

Goten: *Fell asleep standing up and peed pants* Umm.. what? Uh... Yeah! ... Hahaha...

*Murasaki, Katar, Kairin and Vekin fight off miniony creature soldier things in Jaavan's realm on the playground-esque structures outside his fortress*

Kejek: *Climbs into the tower and begins a wizarding duel with Jaavan* *Notices that the others need help and retreats to back them up*

Elanmak: *digs a big hole in the desert*.

Tien: Are you looking for something?

Elanmak: *Stands up and holds shovel like a weapon*.

Krillin: Calm down ninja boy. What are you digging for?

Elanmak: Nothing that belongs to you. *pulls out wand and sends a hex at Krillin*

Krillin: Wah! *dodges*. Nice try, but too slow!

Tien: *moves too quickly to see; the shovel goes flying from Elanmak's hand, though it doesn't seem that Tien moved at all*.

Elanmak: Hmmph. Acio... *summons the shovel again*.

Krillin: Get that wand away from him. * throws a ki blast*

Elanmak: * throws it back with his wand*

Tien: * lunges and punches the wand in half and it falls into the hole*.

Elanmak: You... you ba--

Krillin: Hey, you were asking for it.

Bibidi: HAHAHAHA! *Climbs out of the hole*

Krillin: What the... Babidi?

Bibidi: No, I'm the all-knowing all-powerful Bibidi!

Tien: How are you alive?

Bibidi: Simple really... I bound myself to the potara before the Supreme Kai could kill me. Now that they have been uncovered in the presence of released magic, I was able to regain form!

Gohan: Well, that's too bad, because we're going to send you back there!

Bibidi: Oh? I don't think so! Paparapappa!

*Sends Goku, Gohan, and Vegeta elsewhere, then teleports himself elsewhere*

*Kejek, Vekin and Katar exit Jaavan's realm; one of the minions grabs at Kairin as he's going through the portal and he is forced to blast himself free, thus getting caught in Bibidi's trap with the saiyans.*

Kairin: What... huh?

Vegeta: ... This is Babidi's ship.

Gohan: Not quite. But it's very similar.

Goku: So how did we get here?

Gohan: Bibidi teleported us here.

Vegeta: Kakkarot, can you get us out of here?

Goku: I can try... but... I can't sense anyone's energy from in here. Hmm... Nope, we're stuck.

Vegeta: Ah, great. I don't expect that little imp will have sent us somewhere we can just walk out of.

Kairin: Umm... Why am I here?

Gohan: Well, I guess we should move... there's no point in just standing here. *they head down the path*

Dabura: *Jumps out and attacks with sword*

Vegeta: This can't be the real deal.

Goku: Well, let's take him! *Kicks*

*Dabura charges and makes several attacks that Goku Gohan and Vegeta manage to evade and counter with their own hits until Dabura is forced into the shadows*

Gohan: That wasn't too bad.

*The floor opens and they fall into a pit of fire*

Kairin: Wah! Uh... Is this supposed to be Hell?

Vegeta: *flies out*

Goku: The opening's closing... he wants us trapped in there.

Gohan: Hey... grab on.

Kairin: *jumps up but doesn't quite reach in time*

*the opening closes*

Kairin: ...

Gohan: Hey, we'll try to get it open... just hold on...

Piccolo: Hmm. Bibidi's probably gone after Buu.

Krillin: But... where did he send Goku and Gohan?

Piccolo: somewhere out of phase with us. I think it's nothing a little... *materializes a hammer* work can't fix *throws the hammer toward where the saiyans disappeared and the sky seems to shatter and Goku, Gohan and Vegeta fall out*.

Goku: Woah... that was weird.

Gohan: Hey, where's that kid that was with us?

Vegeta: Gruh... where is Bibidi?

Kairin: *at Da Shop*. Hmm... o.o.

Buu: *flies around*

Bibidi: Buu... Buu! Hey, Majin Buu! Why aren't you killing people?

Buu: Killing people is a bad thing!

Bibidi: Well you'll do what I say!

Buu: No, Buu won't.

Bibidi: What...?

Buu: *flies off*

Kairin: Ah... umm... *knocks Buu across the parkinglot to another building*.

Buu: Hey, why you do that?

Kairin: Umm... well... I was... scared...

Bibidi: Gr.... Paparapappa! Now Buu is completely evil!

Kairin: What?

Bibidi: Now, destroy this place, Majin Buu!

Buu: *Makes a large explosion in the field beside Da Shop*

Kairin: Aah... Oh crap... *runs backward*

Buu: *Punches; Kairin is knocked out*

Goku: *Teleports himself, Gohan and Vegeta to the scene*. Buu, don't listen to him!

Bibidi: He has no choice, fools! I have the perfect spell that gives me complete control over his actions; he couldn't rebel if he wanted to!

Vegeta: *Vaporizes Bibidi*.

Buu: *yawns*. Wow... Buu feel funny... gonna take a nap! *sleeps*

Gohan: Hmm.

Vekin: What was all of this?

Vegeta: Some teenaged punk dug up potara and released an ancient wizard that tried to have Buu kill us.

Goku: Hey, I know you...

Vekin: Yes; we met after the battle with Tartena.

Goku: You're not a bad fighter! Tien's taught you well.

Kairin: O.O. *Gets up*.

Goku: With all of this weird stuff that's afoot, maybe we should let you undertake some special training.

*Special training occurs involving a pendulum room mission to free people from the inerds of Majin Buu with Mr. Satan coStarring*

Not-fatty: Hey Village king... how would you like to fly with the birds?

King: Oh, that sounds jolly good!

*Fatty and Not-fatty grab the king and fly off*

King: Wait now, aren't we going to get pooped on?

Not-fatty: *Attempts to carry out evil plot*

Yamcha: What the... weird energy.

Sejes: Hmm.

Yamcha: Woah, that doesn't look good... *Flies up and snatches the king from the crooks*

Not-fatty: Wiseguy, eh?

Sejes: Spirit ball! *Has the ball chase Fatty and Not-fatty away*.

Yamcha: Nice one. Though I wouldn't have minded the workout. You've come a long way!

King: Oh my... what a day!

Elanmak: *Tries to find ways to escape death* *Winds up releasing King Cold from Hell for no apparent reason*

Kejek: ... Hello? Wizards? ... Petrify him or something? *sigh* *calls people*

Kairin: *at Disney World*

Liquaro: *out somewhere doing something*

Rani: *Goes to fight*

Kejek: *Drags Kairin to the fight, then goes back to deal with things at Magic School... like Elanmak...*

Mr. Satan: *Drops in to fight King Cold at Da Shop*.

King Cold: *Traps Kairin, Mr. Satan, and the press crew inside Da Shop's big front office*

Press: Mr. Satan, what are you going to do? pressurepressurepressureoverwhelm!

Mr. Satan: Ah.... aaah.....

Kairin: o.o. *Goes to the bathroom*

Rani: *fights King Cold in the sky above* *the earth shakes, but somehow the big window in the office doesn't break*

King Cold: *defeated*

*The door is opened and everyone inside goes outside.*

*a van drives up and Liquaro gets out*

Trunks: *Returns from Kaioshin training*

Bulma: Trunks is back!

Goku: Hey, so how'd it go?

Trunks: It was a snap.

Goku: Well, since there are enough of us to hold our own tournament, what say we call up everyone and hold one just for the fun of it?

Supreme Kai: ... The training has only just begun... but he won't know that for some time.

Goten: Hey Trunks, after the tournament, let me show you my new toy!

Trunks: Just back off; I've grown out of you!

Goten: ... What? ... But...

Gohan: Wow... I'm not sure that sounds tolerable. Then again, a year in the timechamber didn't kill me...

Supreme Kai: But it is better if you don't explain the reason behind any of it.

Gohan: All right. Man, this could get insane...

Chichi: You can't take that much time off to sit in a box under the Earth! I can stay with Goten and Trunks. They'll need to stay healthy down there, after all.

Supreme Kai: I understand completely... but I feel that it must be Gohan for now.

*Goten and Trunks get stuck in some kinda living facility submerged in magma for a period of time ranging from a month to a year with Gohan watching over them with very little contact with the outside world*.

King Kai: Interesting choices. For all his shortcomings though I was thinking Goku could do the job with a bit of shaping up.

Old Kai: Yes, Goku does seem like the one that would ascend... but I think his fate lies with the earth in a very unique way. Though one of the humans might fit the role as well... I think that little monk that took on Buu while the boys were stuck in the time room has promise... But there's something special about these two, and I think you'll agree once the time comes. Even you can tell that what is to come is far from simple...

Kairin: *Thinks about going on a journey to meet Santaclause* *decides to find the others to ask for help first* *winds up at somebody's house where everyone is hanging out in the garage, which is closed because it's winter?* *and some people are riding around on lil ... bumper car... things...*

Kairin: So... Vekin and I are the only ones who haven't died.

Kejek: Hey, I haven't died either!

Kairin: Oh right...

*Liquaro and Rani have red shirts under their normal black gis today... umm... probably also because of the weather*

Fatty: *finds a mysterious book*

Not-fatty: Hmm. It seems we've struck a golden opportunity.

*The r-kids sans Katar are at someone else's house, probably Kairin's*

Not-fatty: Hello there... can I interest you in a bit of magic?

Kejek: Wait, what? Any particular reason we're going into this isolated clubhouse-esque room with strangers that shady strangers coming after...

Fatty: *Uses room-cealing powers to prevent them from escaping*

Not-Fatty: All we need is a volunteer to read this book.

Sejes: Wait... I know you guys!

Not-fatty: *Smacks Sejes* ... Not him.

Sejes: *falls to the ground*

Liquaro and Rani: *Try to attack Fatty and Not-fatty, but their powers make it difficult to move*

Fatty: *hits one of them*

Kairin: Grr... *tries to attack, but can't touch them*. Hmm. Dragon fly attack! *blasts*

Kejek: Alohamora! *The door opens and the spell is broken*.

Fatty: *drops book*

Someone's Mom: Hey guys...

*everyone goes outside onto the "deck" where the parent is*

Not-fatty: ... He didn't even hit us...

*Fatty and Not-fatty grudgingly stumble out and hold a casual conversation with the parent*

Kairin: *tries to get Sejes and the fallen twin to wake up* *eventually they get up and leave the room* *Picks up book*

Someone's Mom: Oh, where'd you find that book?

Not-fatty: Ah, that belongs to my associate...

Kairin: >.>. <.<. *Gives them the book*

Katar: *arrives while everyone is walking around the house to the front*. Do you really have to be a wreckless dangerholic?

Kairin: Umm... someone has to?

Someone's Mom: You should try to finish your homework first, though.

Kairin: But... evil doesn't wait for homework...

Katar: Homework can help fight evil, you know. Take this Blue Mountain disease, for instance.

Someone's Mom: What's up with that lately?

Katar: It's an epidemic now, apparently... and no way to control it in sight. But ... Liquaro and Rani happen to know of a mountain where rare medicinal herbs grow.

Kairin: Mount Tahea?

Katar: I don't know.

Someone's Mom: well, we're supposed to meet your Dad in thirty minutes...

Kairin: *sigh*.

Yamcha: Hmm. I guess we should have found out more about those guys before chasing them off.

Sejes: But can you find them?

Yamcha: I don't know. I don't think finding them is as important as finding out what they were up to and what it has to do with anything. And... what... the...

Tien: Yamcha... do you have any idea why a large section of countryside is currently made of random bricks, many of which are floating over a rather large pit? And what those strange creatures moving amid all of it are?

Yamcha: I have no idea. Unless...

Chaozu: Unless what?

Yamcha: Unless those two crooks had something to do with it. But... if they could do that on their own, then I don't see why they'd try to do something like kidnap a local monarch.

Sejes: Well, they had some kind of book when they went after us... maybe it has some sort of secret techniques in it?

Chaozu: A book of strange skills...

Yamcha: Oh man... this makes me think of a sidescrolling video game... it even looks pixelated.

Tien: I think I'm going to get a closer look. *Flies into the Mario-esque zone*

Vekin: *prepares to fly after him*

Yamcha: Hold back for now.

Krillin: Ok... for once it looks like we have a generic dangerous situation, but no clue what it's about. So you guys... *Liquaro, Rani and Katar are there* had better be at the top of your game.

Liquaro: Rani managed to defeat Freeza's father on his own...

Krillin: Really? That's great! ... But don't get cocky because of it. No matter how many battles you win, it doesn't mean you're at the top.

Katar: So, what are we up to today?

Krillin: All right. You say you have an idea of how we can help deal with the Blue Mountain epidemic. So first we're going to head up to that mountain and see what we find. But... Tien and Yamcha have found something pretty weird somewhere else... and they think it might have something to do with those freaks that tried to get you to help their plot. ... Aren't there more of you newbies that have been around?

Rani: We told Kairin, but he doesn't seem to be nearby... And Kejek is tailing Elanmak and trying to figure out what he and Jaavan are up to in all of this.

Krillin: Ok, then. Let's go!

Kairin: *Gets held up because of things he doesn't particularly care about* *gets caught in a big rush of pedestrian traffic on the sidewalk heading back somewhere to prepare to leave* *Winds up stumbling into Da Enn and staying there for a while*

Kejek: *Winds up checking up on people that are in the hospital from stuff... like King Cold's random appearance* *notices something about Elanmak and hurries down to the ground outside to catch him*

Elanmak: What the... *is running*

Kejek: Impedamente!

Elanmak: *Dodges* *gets inside the school*

Kejek: *chases*

Videl: What's... all of this about? *Notices a meeting of people in suits discussing the spreading of disease*... What are they talking about?

Kairin's Mom: Kairin isn't still around here, is he?

Videl: Hmm... Oh... him... I haven't seen him in months.

Mr. Satan: ... Videl!

Videl: What is it, Father?

Mr. Satan: Some weird green things are up to something out around your grandma's old place... I think fireball hair is already in on it... *quieter* Better hurry up so we're represented... and to find out what's happening before they destroy all the clues.

Videl: Right. *flies off* ... Wait... *flashback to the suitpeople conference scene*...

Vegeta: *waxes the carport with saibaman-esque creatures*

Goku: Huh. Weird.

Vegeta: These things are a little too similar to saibamen for my tastes. *throws one into a tree* in more ways than one.

Goku: So where did they come from?

Vegeta: How should I know?

Videl: *Arrives and observes the fighting and throws a rock at a saibaman that comes her way*

Vegeta: *Vaporizes several saibamen*

Videl: Wait... I think we should save something to examine.

Vegeta: If these are anything like the original saibamen, they won't make that easy.

*Three saibamen jump up and Self-destruct around Vegeta, but he is unharmed*.

Videl: I think they might be carrying Blue Mountain...

Vegeta: Oh, great... and you wait until after they start grabbing me to mention that? I was unconscious for most of the last battle; I have no intention of being sick in bed for the next one!

Goku: We don't even know if there's going to be anything exciting for a while.

Vegeta: Kakkarot, weren't we in a fight less than twenty seconds ago?

Goku: Well, you do have a point... hehehe...

Videl: Is there anything left to be taken in for research?

Goku: Look over by that tree...

Videl: Hmm. We shouldn't touch anything.

Vegeta: If we're already contaminated it doesn't matter, does it?

Videl: ... True. *sigh*. *Makes a phonecall*

Goku: But if the saibamen were used by the saiyans... where did these come from?

Videl: I don't think they're the real deal. But I don't know where they could have came from, unless samples were left here...

Vegeta: That might be possible.

Goku: Oh, right! You and Nappa used them when you were bad guys.

Vegeta: o.o. There could have been enough remains for someone on Earth to make their own version, but the only person that _I_ know of that would have been waiting to scoop up samples is the maker of those androids... and Cell's saibaman ancestry was less than apparent.

Videl: I don't think it was the person responsible for Cell...

Goku: Dr. Gero... no, he's dead.

Videl: I think... there are some people who actually like what Blue Mountain is doing and want to harness it... and they're doing this by exposing people to it... even school students... maybe even them first!

Goku: So let's stop them!

Videl: It's not that easy... we have to prove it.

Vegeta: Or we could take the easy approach. *slowly clenches and unclenches a fist*

Videl: Violence doesn't work well on businesses... too much paperwork and too many branches...

Jaavan: *Sets up something*

Elanmak: *Goes on a journey to prepare for the process to come*

Kejek: *finds out*. ... Oh crap. *Tries to catch up with Elanmak, but is attacked by a gargoyle creature in the city* What the... * does magic stuff to it*

Kairin: Hey... what's going on?

Kejek: No... not this time. *Immobilizes the gargoyle*.

Kairin: Where are you going?

Kejek: This is something I need to do alone.

Kairin: Don't be so sure.

Kejek: *Runs off through Da Enn*

Kairin: *Follows, but loses him in the crowd, as Da Enn has apparently grown in popularity* *stops to talk to a relative of the owner(s) that is somewhat close to his age* ... wait... Kejek... I need to find him. *Gets directions from said person of conversation and runs off*

Kejek: *sigh*. Ok. But this is a really messy mission... Something really crazy is in motion. We've got to find the place and make sure the ritual there doesn't happen.

Kairin: What kind of ritual?

Elanmak: ... And then an army of skeleton warriors attacked.

Kairin: Huh?

*An army of skeleton warriors attacks*

Kejek: *sigh*. Here we go again.

Kairin: This wasn't part of the plan?

Kejek: No. We don't have a choice but to fight now. *Starts petrifying skeleton warriors as quickly as possible*

Kairin: *Gets out quad-blade and strikes into the group of attackers*.

*An awesome fight continues*

*Gohan, Goten and Trunks emerge from the magma base*.

Videl: Gohan!

Gohan: It's great to be out of there...

Videl: It might have been better to stay in... now we've got a strange disease spreading like wildfire.

Gohan: ... disease...?

Krillin: Hey, Gohan!

Gohan: Oh, hey Krillin!

Krillin: Looking good there... and I take it Goten and Trunks are happy to be back up here?

Gohan: Definitely.

Krillin: Gohan, do you know anyone in medicine?

Gohan: Maybe... why?

Krillin: Well, we might have found something that can treat this Blue Mountain disease... but it's become so wide spread that we can't really have Master Roshi mix up a few bottles for everyone. That and it looks like the source is pretty rare... so we're going to have to go more mainstream with it.

Videl: Hmm.

Gohan: What is it?

Videl: Getting it through burocracy right now might be hard... there's a group out there that's interested in using Blue Mountain for their own gain, and from the looks of it they've got some interesting experiments of their own capable of fighting. Though from what we've found... we might be able to disable them with sound. It'd probably be faster just to go the traditional route.

Gohan: Wow, a lot's happened...

Krillin: Well, that's not all. A good chunk of countryside is getting messed up by the day and turning into... some kind of... mushroom kingdom with floaty bricks.

Gohan: What? How's that?

Krillin: I don't know, but Tien, Yamcha and a couple of their students are looking into it. They think it has something to do with a couple of strange crooks... but that's really all we have.

*Goten and Trunks are ready to take advantage of having room and don't mind flying off at random moments to find things like spaceships lying around. XD... Xe*

*Kairin is sent off to another random school related place while everyone else gets to do missions related to cleaning up floating brick land and Blue Mountain*

*The use-Blue-Mountain people notice that Kairin is in the finding-a-cure group and that he's going to a place where there are plenty of people and send a little gray-white migit creature after him*

Daklyn: Hi; I'm going to be your peer mentor!

Kairin: Umm... hello. .

Daklyn: So, what are your hobbies? I sing choir.

Kairin: Umm, I... would be out on a sidescrolling adventure right now if it was up to me?

*Checks out a pseudo monorail-esque playgroundy thing in the big lobby-esque room where everyone is getting acquainted*

*The Blue Mountain Migit takes this chance to attack*

Kairin: What the crap? *A chase around the track ensues* *Kairin finally does a spinning attack and tries to blast the thing back, but winds up falling off the edge and holding on with the creature above him*.

Daklyn: Hey... what's going on?

Kairin: Ok... what do I remember about the weaknesses of these things... sound? ... Yeah... Daklyn!

Daklyn: What?

Kairin: Quick, hold a note at 240!

Daklyn: 240? That's inhumanly low...

Kairin: Can you do it?

Daklyn: *sings*

*Blue-Mountain-migit freaks out and quivers*

Kairin: *Jumps up and uppercuts the thing into the air, then knocks it off of the track and blasts it*.

Everyone in the room: O.O.

Kairin: Oh, great... well... no one ever said we had to keep a secret identity...

*A big congress-style meeting takes place with some group to cover the resolution of Blue Mountain and some constitution that probably is meant to deal with the threat created by Fatty and Not-fatty randomly kidnapping a king and the weird floating brick land that randomly grows over the countryside*.

*The "Blue Mountain should be used, not destroyed!" team sends another migit creature, this one black and gray and stuff and containing the essence of Blue Mountain to prevent things from going well*

Yamcha and Krillin: *on a boat at a little culdasack off a river running by the meeting place*

Vosluqma: *Comes down to contaminate the water*

Yamcha: What is that?

Krillin: Another Blue Mountain experiment creature?

Yamcha: Let's see how it likes my Wolf Fang Fist! *Attacks*

Krillin: Wait... that's probably carrying the disease!

Vosluqma: *Claws*

Yamcha: Good call *lands*

Krillin: We'd better just vaporize it. *Throws a big energy blast*

Vosluqma: *Slashes the boat to pieces, forcing Krillin into the water*

Yamcha: That's not good...

Vosluqma: *Deathbeam*

Krillin: Waah! *Blasted into the bank, which is mostly loosely packed fragments of shale*. Hmm. Solar flare! *Flies out*. We need to get to that meeting and warn everyone...

Vosluqma: *heads for it first*

Krillin: Not so fast... Ka! Me! Ha! Me! Haaaaaaa!!! *Forces Vosluqma into the other side of the river*.

Lutin Plunder: *Throws a grenade at Vosluqma and walks into the meeting and gives a speech about why the Blue Mountain treatment should be tried*.

Committeepeople: Yay!

Lutin Plunder: I also voted against the constitution.

Congresspeople: Awwe...

Someone: Hey!

Yamcha: Well... I'm voting against the constitution too...

Krillin: Why's that?

Yamcha: For one, there's no point in putting all the people that would bring out here in the way of danger while we try to deal with whatever's causing floating brick land, and second... look at what this path of weirdness is doing? It's destroying the place... but where will these charters lead?

Krillin: When did we become all ... anti? Besides... we're still not done with floating brick-land...

Elanmak: *Heading along one of the weird floating brick places*

Vekin: *pursues*

Kairin: Hmm... woah, ice... water... and fire...

Vekin: And a steal mill at the end.

Elanmak: *gets away*

Kairin: What... is ...

Vekin: This is probably important information.

*Goten, Trunks, Azuri and Kairin go to some kind of grappling competition at a gymnasium type place*

*Goten and Trunks wind up facing each other in the finals in which the goal is to be the one to distinctly land the grappling dummy out of bounds*

*Goten holds it by an eyelid out side the area, but Trunks catches it when he drops it and lands it on his own*

*Trunks wins*

Goten: *Goes to... get a drink or something*

Azuri: Can you see if they have lemon popsickles?

Goten: Sure!

Kairin: It's like you have to be a saiyan to win anything these days.

Trunks: Hehehe... I see what you mean. I guess Saiyans do get a headstart... but from there it's just training.

Kairin: What kind of training?

Trunks: Well, my dad trained under over three hundred times the Earth's gravity even before he became a super saiyan.

Kairin: On Earth?

Trunks: Well yeah... Capsule Corp has resources.

Kairin: Hmm. Can just anyone walk in and use the gravity simulator?

Trunks: Heh... I don't know. But I heard that one time Yamcha... wait, what's that?

Kairin: ... Goten?

*They run over to the room where Goten is*

Goten: *In a trance-like state in the middle of the room*

*Dartin, Not-fatty, Fatty, Freeza, Cell, Cooler, Broli, and someone in black and Green are lined up on the wall opposite him*.

Kairin: ... Oh crap.

Trunks: Goten! Wake up!

Goten: Huh... oh... it's... some darklings...

Kairin: Goten, get the hell out of there! Wait... if those are the guys from before... they might be able to trap him inside the room. But I thought the door had to be closed?

Trunks: Let's see... *gets out a hand-held device*. Let's see if this can give me a position on all of them.

Kairin: What is that?

Trunks: Just a sonar thing I got for my birthday. ... Wait... the door is showing up as infinity away from Goten? And all of the others have positions of... undefined?

Kairin: ... We're dead...

Trunks: *puts it away* Not yet. Goten! You'd better move!

*There is an explosion of green energy and... lots of crazy confusing light effects*