Jeqo Legends


   Please realize that Jeqo Legends is a command prompt based game requiring that commands be entered in a specific way. Most menu or player select situations provide a list of options or access to one. Type the selection exactly as it appears and press the enter key.

    For a list of battle commands, go into options and type "help". This will result in a list of commands that can be used during combat. (See below for a list and explanations of these commands). Enjoy!

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Combat Commands

The following commands may be used during a combat situation. They must be entered exactly as they appear.

approach (Move toward target)
retreat (move away from target)
defend (defend against attack)
focus (Attempt to regain energy lost in battle)
run (Move forward or backward faster. A prompt will ask for the direction.)
attack (a standard attack.)
quick (A quick attack)
slow (a slow attack. Good for stunned or otherwise defenseless opponents.)
long (A long-range attack, such as projectiles or dashes.)
useItem (Uses a character's item if it exists. The I must be capitalized and the u lower case! )
partner (summons the next character on your team (if there is one) to help. A second entry of this command will send your partner away.)
switch (Shifts control to the next character on your team.)
target (Changes the member of your opponent's team that you are focusing on)
stats (Displays the health and power of all characters in play, along with who is ahead in the current struggle.)
quit (You will be asked to confirm the decision, then the battle will end.)


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