Jeqo Prime is a fighting game, and all of these voices will be used for playable characters. That means grunts, battlecries and the like will make up a significant portion of the required audio.

The voices that already exist vary in quality, so it'd be ridiculous to demand studio-quality audio for auditions. However, there is a considerable difference between mediocre and "buried in irreduceable noise". I can get the former by holding a microphone up to a twenty-year old cassette player; the latter tends to come from laptops' built-in microphones. However, if you don't have an excellent recording setup, an iPhone or MP3player usually records in much higher quality than a laptop's built-in mic (Or, considering the noise, some free-standing mics).

Auditions should include all the given lines, and a decent sampling of combat vocals (grunts/screams/kiais/etc, whatever is most appropriate for the character); generally speaking, 5 attack sounds, 5 hurt sounds, and 1 knockout / death sound is a good metric. If you want to differentiate, kicks might be more guttural, while punches would more resemble stereotypical kiais. Usually, at least one attack sound should be more intense than the others.

Send auditions to Jeqofire at GMail dot com. Most any format will do, but a sample rate below 22050 will seriously decrease your chances. Be sure to include the name you would like to go by in the credits in the email.

Characters marked with an asterisk (*) already have voices, but improvement would be welcome.



Her parents are involved in on-the-ground marketing, and have moved around a bit to keep up with the best opportunities. This has involved living in various states for a while. Her intelligence and rationality are exceptional, though she's been able to rely on her parents for almost everything, so when the action gets started, she mostly relies on nonchalance and good humor for both offensive and defensive reasons.

Hydron / Shanan

She's a farily quiet bookish type, though she's fairly empathic when the situation calls for it. She's the granddaughter of a local business tycoon, but her ability to transform into water has helped keep her somewhat distant from most people.

Abmhm Ekal

Abmhm Ekal is the equivalent of a Captain in the Ihrekm Starfleet. She has a soft spot for the innocent and vulnerable, but when the action starts, she's all business.

Wins / Sara

A love for literature runs in her family, and she aspires to teach elementary school with emphasis on English. The talkative extrovert to Hydron's introvert, she's relatively average in weight and build, and definitely prefers fighting at a distance to getting caught in melee.


She was "accidentally" abducted as a small child, and wound up held in North Korea, until she managed to escape. She's had to fend for herself quite a bit, and her mannerisms are a bit rough as a consequence.


Something of a no-nonsense aspiring businesswoman, who has practiced martial arts seriously in her spare time. There are certainly hints of arrogance and/or condescention in her voice when dealing with inferiors, though she softens up when talking about her superiors. Most of her spoken lines are either condescending, or serious and harsh-sounding.

(Lines will be provided in both Japanese and English. Japanese is prefered, but not manditory.)

*** (If you're reading this, then I forgot to check the Japanese for dialectic discreppencies. Bad me!)

*Yoshida Tomiko

She's had to put up with some crap, but tries to remain generally upbeat, until things get serious. She's dabbled in meditation to try and avoid getting overwhelmed, but it doesn't work as well as she'd like.

Lines are given in both Japanese and English; Japanese is prefered, but not manditory.


Raised by an alien businessman and very deliberate with her words, but also prone to losing her temper.


Theracy got too close to a meteorite, and somehow gained remote viewing abilities. Sometimes, though, these abilities do other strange things. Other than that, she's a relatively normal teenager thrust into the weirder side of national security, trying to make sense of her place in everything.


A young detective working with interpol; keeps her cool most of the time, but when opportunities arise to show how she's feeling, she usually takes them.



Spectro has the power to manipulate electromagnetic radiation (light, radio, etc). He does the snarcastic superhero thing, but emphasizes stealth and subterfuge whenever possible.


Vipor was caught up in trouble in southern Europe when he was brought under Tarfin's wing. A particularly catastrophic event left the only decisions that furthered Tarfin's goals between leaving Vipor to die, or drastically modifying his appearance. Tarfin went with drastic, and Vipor was given a great deal of cosmetic work to make him appear reptilian. This was not performed by experts, however, and Vipor's recovery in Tarfin's care was long and grueling; his voice is now more raspy and bitter.


Something of a mysticist, Kimal seeks the utility of lost arts and artifacts that can help implement his vision of the world. He was initially associated with fundamentalist Islam, but his focus on what appeared to be magic cost him many ties among his former allies, and so he has formed his own multinational organization to further research and retrieval of resources of interest. In the eyes of the west, though, he is often lumped in with groups like Alq'ida, and he sees America's use of people like TAOE as invoking the sorts of magic of which he was formerly accused, which only makes him more enemies.


A modern viking whose been hiding out in the English countryside for quite some time. Definitely has the pride and arrogance thing going.


Something of an anarchist, spending most of his time on his own wandering the mountainous border regions in the north, having seen firsthand contrast between the more organized population centers and the smaller ununified bands. Stealth and his ability to alter the wavelength of light are his main tools, though he has picked up enough fighting experience to defend himself, armed or otherwise.


An orphan raised by acetics in the mountains, until they refused to pay tribute to Retanretla, and he irradiated the area. It turns out that high-energy particles that get too close to Aluben are converted into hydrogen, over which he can exert a degree of control; or at least, that's the most obvious layer of his power.


A huge fan of western Science Fiction/Fantasy, trained in eastern mysticism, and independently studied Near-eastern mysticist traditions, Toofnar styles himself after fictional Dark Lords (especially the Sith (Starwars)). When it comes down to it, though, he has this tendency to choose methods of defeating opponents that involve leaving them for dead in some escapable deathtrap he can't see, rather than using his undeniably lethal power directly. Or in other terms, he plays the role of a supervillain, but isn't really a ruthless killer/dictator at heart.


A socially inept physicist whose increasing disdain for his intelectual inferiors sorta caused some problems when he stumbled upon a potentially world-changing phenomenon. Frustrated, detached, and blunt, on the rare occasions that he speaks.

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