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  Faceless Productions

Faceless Productions, brought to you by Justine. If you're a fan of manga, you might want to check this place out. And if not, well, check it out anyway!, the most popular Starwars site on the net. Whether your a diehard or a casual fan, this place has all the answers about the past, present and future of the Starwars storyline! Just beware; if you're looking to avoid spoilers, then proceed with caution!


The ultimate X-Men fan site, loaded to the brim with information, be it trivial or big picture.


Looking to book a vacation? Or maybe you're considering it... Door2door tours is there for you!, a webring for the internet's artists. If you're into art, webcommics, or just like viewing others' work, this place is for you.

  Inu Yasha Yami No Yume

An incredible IY site with countless links to other fansites. The information doesn't want to end.

  Game FAQS

Game F A Q S, the ultimate source for information on video games, be it codes, instructions, or simply help and info.

  <Unknown Obsession>

An incredible web manga that you will check out.


... it appears to have died... Nonetheless, the information here is pretty good, and the links that still work are more than worth the time it takes to get to the links section.

  Azuri's Dragon Ball Z Fanfiction page

One of the greatest DBZ FF sites there is. Despite the recent eight-month disappearance of the owner, it is still well worth your time.

For the lovers of fanfiction: If you haven't found this place, your life probably feels as though it's missing something...

  Fiction Press

And for those that would rather work with original fiction, this is your place.

  Kids' Domain

Anyone looking for Holiday music? Take a look.


A links section would not be complete without the ultimate online encyclopedia. Seriously, if you can't find it on a fansite, tech page, or government-funded reference, it'll probably be here. If not, then put it there!

Captain Planet

    You know Captain Planet, right? The blue-skinned super hero that protects the world from carelessness and selfishness? Here's his web site! (And FYI, CP still comes on cartoon network at 4:30AM on weekdays (Central time).)

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