August 30, 2005

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Name Description Size Author Date
Same beginning, Better Angle A scripted rewrite of most of the first chapter of Planet Seva. Instead of in-your-face ideals with pages of out-of-action giberish, we get to see our people and how they got to Chapter two! ?? Kb C.A.E.Jones 08/30/05
Uncertain Days A short story depicting what may have gone on back home during Planet Seva. Suspense? Wha? 28KB C. A. E. Jones 12/11/05
Jeqo 2009 Halloween Special A bunch of off-the-clock characters randomly encounter one another. Bizarre shenanigans ensue. 33.0KB C. A. E. Jones. 10/22/09

Note: This is where things are most likely to have at least some standing on official storylines of Jeqo. If something is questionable, it will likely be marked as so.