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   The members' area is an area of this site where certain files are kept that we don't want to be too obvious, but still feel like sharing.

  To access the members' area, you must first be a member of the forums. After that, you should be able to tell if you can access the members' area or not.

There's no spam, pay, submittal of any personal information, or anything...

Once you can access the registration page, just input the username and password you want, and you can access the members' area any time. Easy!

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Oh, and we can catch people that try to get in unfairly. Admin powers are fun like that.

What else is there to say? Go have fun! And if it's just too boring, then go to the forum or Comments page and do something about it!

This message brought to you by halfway through free period, the ultimate powers... uh... oh, and there's me, but I'm pathetic. So there!

Friday, January 6, 2005.