And finally...

Started sometime around 6:04 PM 3/22/2007. C. A. E. Jones owns this. We read the copyright laws! You can't steal it without facing our wrath! ... Yeah. Or something.

More Help?

  Well, there are several features and a lot of randomness that make them hard to recognize. So here be some general hints...

  • • If it's a small or inherently ground-bound obstacle, odds are that going low will activate it.
  • • Planes can fly. So can a couple people you might run into.
  • • Random powerups, weapons and armor aren't the only means of increasing your abilities.
  • • You should probably be kind to people that don't try to kill you. Even if they're dead.
  • • You have to climb into a boat, but you have to sit down to get into a car. Unless you're Kia. But the command doesn't change just because she's short.
  • • By "can I save," do you mean "do I really have to get all the way back to stage x from the beginning if I close this window?". What, the randomness isn't replay value enough? Umm, ok, maybe I'll add a save later. Because I could see more uses for it.
  • • There is, in fact, a coherent storyline. Somewhere. For $5-$15. +shipping. And... retail... stuff. Well, not yet. But... the... play the game. Then read the book whenever it comes out. And don't ask which Buu is the strongest, because said debate will never end.