Submission guidelines


  • Make sure that the game is somewhere on
    Indicate the title of the game. You do not have to submit your name/e-mail address if you choose not to.
    Be honest. No fake codes, no reviews that say false things; tell it like it is.
    Try to be as factual as you can. Reviews should support your oppinion rather than just express it.

    FAQs, guides, walkthroughs, and other documents:

    When possible, send the file as either an HTML (.htm or .html) document or a text (.txt) document.
    E-mail the file to, preferably as an attachment.
    Use friendly formatting! Text documents should have lines of approximately 79 characters in length (wordwrap doesn't necessarily provide a cross-browser beauty).
    Try to use good grammar.
    While you probably need to repeat some information, try to have something in your document that isn't already in another on the site.
    Give credit where credit is due!
    These documents are supposed to be somewhat detailed. You don't have to write a 300 page strategy guide, but at least give us more than five sentences.
    Indicate the game it goes with! Don't assume it's obvious!

    Please follow all of these guidelines! They will make things much easier for you! Use common sense where applicable.

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    May 5, 2005