Planet Seva Preview

C. A. E. Jones

February 8, 2005





  Standing near the vertical stone side of the ravine was a man clad in earthy green material from the shoulders down, his hands and feet bearing gloves and boots of the same material. His face was of a slightly pale shade, slightly dark, his eyes wide and red. He had no eyebrows, his scalp covered in green… scales?

"Hello," he said, "Didn’t mean to startle you, but otherwise, the order would have crumbled."

"Who are you," Royce demanded, raising a hand.

"I am called Elitper," he replied in a somewhat snake like voice, though it was more human and strong than weak and windy, "And you are the two of the order of the seven."

"How do you know that?" Royce said, confusion taking the place of fear.

"We know much," Elitper replied, "And you know so little."

"Explain," Royce demanded.

"I will," Elitper replied, "But we must first be concealed. This place is being watched by the military." Elitper pressed the palm of his hand against his chest, pulling it away with three white crystals in it. They were about an inch in diameter and were filled with very fine crystalline patterns.

"Take one," he said, handing one to each of the two confused boys, "And close your fist." Royce looked at Uasho. Could this "man" be trusted? The sound of the helicopters overhead grew louder. The three closed their fists as the chopper passed over.



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