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  Welcome to the Planet Seva Basic Quiz! This quiz covers basic and major points of the story that you should be able to get by reading or listening to it while half asleep. If you can't get eighty percent of these questions right, you should read the book again! Probably without the TV on!


  Spoilers ahead!


Test Your Knowledge

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Whose idea was the order of the seven?

Who took Royce and Uasho to Esrevni?

What is the name of Chalkion's starship?

Who is the commander of the Yrekcom starfleet?

Where was the virtual reality game that Royce and Uasho played?

Who were the antagonists(badGuys) of the game?

Where was the first encounter with the hissing thing?

What happened when Uasho started to leave?

Where did the boys end up after chasing their stalker?

Who were the first to fall at the hands of the invisible thing?

Which of these was not an unusual feature of the starport that Elitper took everyone to?

What was found at the end of the road?

Which mutant did not survive the first visible battle?

Who stayed behind while the others escaped from the final trap?

So, are you satisfied?

    Did you do as good as you thought you would? If so, then congratulations! If not, then you should read the book! You may or may not enjoy it, but it will definitely be good for you!

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