Planet Seva: The Reptile Chronicals

By C. A. E. Jones


Tuesday, August 03, 2004 09:54 AM


-- Introduction --

    This is a guide to the Planet Seva: Reptile Chronicals game.  It will cover the basic instructions, as well as a walkthrough of the game from start to finish.


-- Contents--


Game Overview

Controls and GamePlay

Music and Sound


Tips and Secrets




-- Game overview--

    Reptile Chronicals is a first-person, action/adventure (And maybe a few RPG elements thrown in) game from the point of view of Elitper, spanning from just before all the way through Planet Seva.  You must utilize speed, wit, skill, and luck to overcome various obsticals (Am I the only one who finds that statement a given?).

    The one thing this game really lacks is worthy graphics (I did most of the images myself, if that says anything to you).  You can tell what's going on though, and what the game lacks in graphics and complexity is made up for with the magnitude of events.  Even with so few controls, there is still a degree of freedom and enjoyability.  Add to that the fact that there are times at which some challenges are actually... well... challenging, and you have a game that, if nothing else, is fun to play.

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-- Controls and Gameplay--

    For the most part, the controls are simple... a little too simple...

N, enter, Right arrow (>), down arrow (\/), and the spacebar = advance, our "start" button.  Use any of these to advance dialogue, move forward*, and maybe... other things.

"H" = action key:  The button used to activate actions like attacks, acceleration, dodges, Etc.  Usually, the first instance of "H" being used for an action has a text message that makes a note of it.

Mouse: Acts as a targetting focus.  Use to select things to activate, shoot, move to, Etc.

Tab= Select forward:  selects the next object in the current area that you can interact with. Remember that the address/title bar is what is first selected, and tends to remain in the list at the start point.

Shift+tab= Select backward.  Selects the previous item that you can interact with.

click/inter= activate selected item.  Activates the selected item, otherwise is a standard "Advance". Note that not all items that you can interact with do so via this type of activation.

Shift+enter= hover:  The same effect as placing the mouse on an item.  This is only accessible if you select items with tab and shift+tab.  Note that you don't have to press shift+enter to select the item, only activate this action.

P/left arrow(<)/up arrow (^)/backspace (?html?)= back:  go back.  Not really of any use.

W=White screen. The action stops while the screen is white (Does this work in the HTML version?)

B=Black screen (See white screen).

*usually, you don't need to use an advance (hereby referred to as "N") to move forward.  This is usually only true if you're on a scene that won't go anywhere and you're in the middle of an action sequence.


    Usually, if you need to move, it's either by dodging/accelerating in an action sequence, or in another area where you have different directions in which to travel.  Usually, if there are arrows on the screen, you can use them to go in that direction.  The arrow keys don't really move you, other than with the equivalents of "n" and "p".  There are other times where you don't actually move, but must get to an item or area using the mouse (such as the green corridor).

    Interactive things in the environment can be accessed with the mouse, or by using "tab" and "shift+tab" to move forward and backward through the items, respectively.  An item is selected once you press the button.  You can then use enter to activate the click effect, or shift+enter to have the effect of placing the mouse over the item.  Note though that at the beginning of a scene with music, there is an object that can activate the sound somewhere in the list, usually either the first or last object in tab order.  The walkthrough contains descriptions of the tab orders for individual scenes.

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--Music and Sound--

    One of the major differences between the HTML and PPT versions of the game is the functioning of the sound.  Most noticeable is the music; unless some unusual coding is at play, the music probably doesn't work for the HTML version.  Other sounds might also fail to function appropriately in the HTML version.  As far as I know, everything should work for the PPT version.

    An interesting highlight for the dialogue sequences is the optional recording.  Though the dialogues are far from meeting the standards for being considered FMB sequences, most do have a sound icon somewhere under the text.  One simply need click (Or tab to and press "enter") the icon and a recording of the dialogue will play.  Again, these might not all work in the HTML version.  I'm pretty sure that the recording of the instructions for the first level won't work for the HTML version... but that's a poor recording anyway. =P.

    Although the sounds should all function correctly with the PPT version, the music files need to be saved correctly in order for them to play.  But don't frett... the files are actually only a few KB in size.  However, they must be saved in the correct place with the correct name in order to play.  Saving them in "my documents" with the existing names should do the trick...


c:\my documents\egs1.mid

- You should be able to download the file by right clicking it and choosing "save" on the resulting menu. The link above is for the opening theme.

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 Spoiler Warning

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Planet Seva


    After the Jeqo Logo and the opening... display..., you should be at a screen with the title at the top, right above the options "Start" and "Options", each of which has the key that activates it beside the word.  Simply pick one.

Note that if you pick options, you'll have to eventually come back and pick "Start" to get anywhere.

Tab order: "Start", "Options", and the music button.



The options screen displays a brief sort of control list, as well as a "sound test" area with the sound buttons.  Simply select one and click/enter to see if it works...

Select "Exit" or use "P" to return to the main screen.

Tab order: sounds (##), Exit.



You are now welcomed to the military academy of the planet Yrekcom and given your instructions.  Advance the text with "N" until you reach the first room. Don't get "N-Happy", otherwise you can get lost.  This is something to make a not of anywhere!

  And here also is the only recording that is not a character's voice.

Tab order: Sound button.


        The Training

    You're finally in some kind of challenge.  The object here is to get to the right room and hit the correct box.  You can do this with the mouse or by using "tab" and "Shift+tab".  But beware: some of the boxes have other surprises.

    To move from room to room, use the arrows.  Oh, and you can shoot the walls too... which has no effect other than making the crystal shot sound, which you will probably get tired of by the end of the game...

And try not to touch the lightning bolts; they send you back to the welcome screen!

Tab orders:



Tab order


right, down, cube, lightning (2)


Right, down, cube, left


Down, cube, left


Cube, Up, right, down, lightning


Left, right, up, down, cube


Down, cube, left, up


Cube, up, right


Cube, left, up, right


Cube, Left, Up, Lightning(3)


Ceiling, walls(2)

These are first



        Mission to Earth

    Once you successfully get through the box challenge, you receive your mission.

    you really don't have to do much here.  You simply have to drop two crystals at the right time.  And believe me when I say not to get NHappy with these instructions.  This is a timing level.  You wait for the arrows to appear, and click/enter them before the "Too late" message appears.  If it does, just pick the "Try again" option to continue.

Tab order:

For both places: the arrows are the only item there.

Too late: Try again, quit



        Sergeant Chalkion

    If you manage to complete the dropoff, you are presented with another text sequence.  Only this time, we've got words from Mr. Chalkion.  Advance the text, listen to the recording if you'd like.  The last bit of text is your instructions:  get out of the way of Chalkion's blasts with "H", and if you're fast enough, try to hit his ship.  The thing is, you can only hit the center portion, and even then, I'm not so sure that it works in the HTML version.  Don't worry though... you don't have to defeat Chalkion, just avoid getting hit until the firing is over.  This may be one of the few battles in which it is ok to keep pressing "H".  Know though that it isn't always the case.

Tab orders:

For the cut scene: play button, music button

battle scene: Chalkion's ship, Try again


    If you can get through this short starship duel, Chalkion will have some more to say, then you can proceed...


        Seva mission1

    You are sent to a remote region on the planet Seva with words from your superior written in the sky.  Here, you can go to a few different places and look around.