Episode 01: "Cold Reception"

Writer:  C. A. E. Jones

8:54 PM 12/1/2009





[ As we pull away from the sun, the camera starts a moderately quick zoom with a bird's-eye view, focusing on a distant, pale mass of ice. As we get closer, we see that the icemass is more-or-less dome-shaped, though it may be flatter toward the edges with a smaller dome toward the center. It isn't perfectly round, but more ovular, and if size can be discerned, it's similar in size to a house (roughly 1500-2000 square feet). There are no other large structures nearby, and the land is mostly flat, and even grassy. ]




[ The camera pans to follow two figures, obscured by a thin-though-visible cloud, as they descend toward the top of the ice. Wind, a woman no older than her early twenties, appears to be flying at the center of the cloud, with her medium-length, wavy blond hair only slightly budged by the wind in her flight. She wears a white bodysuit with gray gloves and boots; if her chest is visible, the image of a black-and-gray funnel-cloud might be seen. ]

[ Floating less controlled beside-and-behind Wind is Gravitor, a somewhat dark-haired man of twenty-four years, wielding an icepick. He is clad in a dark brown outfit with red wrist and ankle bands (belt optional). If the front of his outfit is visible, an orange "G" dominates it. Gravitor seems to be more drifting than flying, though he is visibly attempting to control his path as though he is swimming. ]


[ Wind and Gravitor land relatively lightly on the ice (Wind might have a heavier landing, but no less grace than Gravitor). The cloud around them swirls a bit as it contracts into a tighter space (touching neither Wind nor Gravitor), takes the shape of a humanoid figure, and is subsequently replaced with Hydron, a female of roughly Wind's age with light mousy hair held up in a loose bun. Her "uniform" is two shades of blue and has no chest-symbol. ]

[ Once completely in human form, Hydron staggers a bit, nearly slipping on the ice; Wind reaches out a hand to catch her arm, and Hydron quickly recovers. ]


Maybe we shouldn't have landed on top of the ice.

HYDRON (slightly out of breath, but only noticeably so):
It just showed up out here one day; who knows what could happen at ground level. At least up here, we can bee seen.

GRAVITOR (not particularly enthused, but not horribly synical):
Yeah. Wave to the GPS...

[ Gravitor raises the icepick in a light-hearted wave, but in so doing loses his balance and slips, then slides down the ice and out of frame. ]

WIND (Urgently):

[ EXT. SIDE OF THE GLACIER - DAY (closeup). ]

[ Gravitor slides along the ice a good way before he finally starts to slow. He brings the icepick back and pushes off of the ice, and floats off of it. He is still descending, but is not accelerating; he pushes against the ice a bit more and finally starts to drift upward. ]


[ Gravitor rises back to where he was originally standing and lands again, not quite as jovially-faced as before. Wind looks relieved. ]

Ok... Focus.

I'll say! Are you all right?

A little gravity-shifting goes a long way.

It'd go farther if you would've done it to begin with.

HYDRON (scanning the surface of the glacier):
I don't see any openings.

That's why we have this nice icepick.

[ Gravitor takes a more prepared stance, then brings down the icepick to strike the ice. (His motion might be visibly heavy, as though the weight of the icepick is greater than it was before.) ]

GRAVITOR (cont'd):
Just... A little more...

It's a lot warmer out here than I was expecting.

It is July.

Yeah, but as far north as we are, I was expecting it to be at least ten degrees cooler than this.

GRAVITOR (Audibly working at picking the ice):
Probably the uniforms. Nicer now that you're wearing one, huh?

They're still kinda tacky. Keeps my feet from freezing, anyway. I'm just glad they let us pick the design...

It's a little strange to call them uniforms when they're all different, isn't it?

I guess.

GRAVITOR (Straightening up):
What'd'ya think; will that work?

I don't see why it wouldn't.

Then do your stuff, Hydron.

[ Hydron nods, then fades into water form and flows into the modest opening created by Gravitor's icepicking. ]

You know, even knowing what we can do, that's a little tough to get used to.

You're telling me... and I've put up with it since fifth grade.

[ Water geysers out of the hole, causing Gravitor to step farther back. The water gathers and Hydron reappears, a bit closer to the hole than she originally was. An amorphous chunk of ice pushes its way into and through the hole. ]

GRAVITOR (To Hydron):
So, can you see like that?

[ Wind scowls at Gravitor. ]

HYDRON (urgent, a bit out of breath):
Something's down there. I couldn't get a good look at it before--

[ Gravitor stumbles and nearly goes sliding again, but catches himself in time. ]

I thought you were shifting the gravity?

[ Gravitor's eyes dart around briefly before his gaze focuses on the ice pushing out from the hole; the rest of the ice around it is visibly bulging and expanding. ]

GRAVITOR (seriously):
The ice is growing.

[ Wind and Hydron both look down at the morphing ice, faces putting on dread. ]



[ As the ice bulges threateningly, it also begins to rise, slowly, but surely. It is still touching the ground, but visible gaps form in its foundation as what resembles giant ice-feet become visible. ]



Whatever's in there, I think we ticked it off.

I can't believe they sent us out here alone...

Backup's only a few minutes away.

Minutes? Do we have those?

We might once I cut the gravity on us.

All of us?

I'll go ahead.

[ Hydron Becomes water and flows quickly out of sight along the ice. ]

[ As the ice shifts more violently, Gravitor pushes lightly off of the ice, rising a few inches above it before Wind follows suit. ]



[ Gravitor slowly falls into sight, clutching the icepick like a sword with his brow furrowed in concentration. Wind flies beside him, and they both advance away from the ice. ]



[ The glacier appears to have massive ice-pillar-legs now. Gravitor and Wind land and immediately start running for several yards as the glacier looms over them. ]

You think this is far enough?

For what?

GRAVITOR (stopping):
To make our stand.

WIND (stopping, turning to Gravitor):
Haven't you been wreckless enough already?

Better than running away. Can you hit it in the legs?

Maybe. It's kinda far away.

[ The glacier slowly moves toward them ]

WIND (urgent/nervously):
... Then again...

Give it a try; I'll make it top-heavy.

Ok... here it goes!

[ Wind faces the glacier and takes a tense stance, concentrating her gaze on the shadow beneath the ice-pillar-legs. The wind picks up, and soon there is an immense flood of air focused on the ice-pillegs. After a few tense seconds, the glacier sways, then falls over, toward Wind and Gravitor. ]

Ok, we can start running again.

[ There is still a good distance between the two on the ground and the shadow of the falling ice, but the advance of the shade is omenous nonetheless. Until the ice crashes to the ground, as several (rather large) fragments go flying from the impact. Wind and Gravitor duck to avoid the ice-shrapnel. Water cohellesces near Wind and Gravitor before becoming Hydron. ]

WIND (Panting, still urgent):
Shanan... Did you see anything? Tell me we stopped that thing...

I'm not sure, but--

[ A chunk of ice with a diameter of no less than six feet rushes out from the fallen glacier, and Hydron turns around and becomes water, rushing toward the source of the ice. Wind and Gravitor narrowly jump out of the way, but the ice-ram keeps on them. ]

I'm guessing that's a no...

[ He tries to step out of the path of the ice and jab it with the icepick, which naturally has no effect. The ice continues to change course, though it can now be seen that the ice is being pushed by a horrizontal bar of ice at least three feet in diameter that leads back into the shadowed recesses of the glacier. ]


[ INT. MOUTH OF THE GLACIER - DAY WITH SHADOWS. : It can be seen that the glacier is mostly hollow within, and the ice-ram's support leads back to a figure who cannot be clearly seen in the shadows. ]

[ Hydron's water form follows the ice-ram as a massive wave, finally colliding with the figure inside the glacier. The ice-ram falls uncontrolled (Though, as a large weight is on one end, most of the support-pillar remains aloft). The figure is sent staggering back further into the darkness. ]


[ Zoom in as Water-Hydron gathers into one place and churns as though to move for the figure, who can now be seen at least to be wearing mostly pale blue. ]

[ As Water-Hydron begins to move, the figure's balance becomes stable, and a sheet of ice shoots out from its knees before forming a full arch, which falls neatly over Water-Hydron, trapping her. ]


[ EXT. OUTSIDE THE GLACIER - DAY. : The head of the ice-ram lies motionless, and Gravitor and wind cautiously make their way behind it. Gravitor stops, though Wind keeps approaching the glacier for a few steps before noticing and following suit.* ]

WIND (shouting, before noticing Gravitor's stop):

GRAVITOR (calling):
Hey! Who or whatever you are... lay off the trying to kill us, would you?

[ An ice-spear flies out of the glacier, and Gravitor ducks behind the ice-ram's support-bar for cover. ]

GRAVITOR (cont'd):

[ Wind retreats to the shielding of the ram-bar as another pair of ice-spears flies out of the broken ice-fortress. The wind picks up around her, and starts to blow the spears off course. ]



[ While we hear more ice-spears being thrown nearby (To the camera's right), we focus on the slanted ice-trap; the end without a vertical portion budges a bit as a pair of blue gloves pokes through. The hands approach as though to cross, then dissolve into water, that can flow freely out from beneath the ice now that there is space--the water pressure keeps it open. ]



[ A bar of ice, this one only a couple inches thick, extends its way toward Wind and Gravitor. Before it can probe its way into their safe-spot near the ice-ram, Gravitor jumps into the air and falls toward the ice-bar, unaffected by the Earth's gravity. He makes a strike at it with both his foot and the icepick, holding it back a bit, but not doing any damage. Wind picks up a fallen ice-spear and hurls it into the opening. ]

Ah, right... Sara, can you throw another one?

We're not trying to kill him...

A blunt one, then!

[ Wind sighs and throws a chunk of ice. Gravitor holds out a hand, and the trijectory of the ice changes until it is falling straight toward the figure within the glacier. ]



[ The even-more-clearly-visible figure raises a forearm, on which an ice-gauntlet forms; as the ice-projectile approaches, he deflects it with the gauntlet, but it only falls back toward him, and he can bearly hold it back with a hastily-made ice-shield. ]

[ And then a wave of water slams into him, knocking him clean off of his feet and onto his back. The water reverts to Hydron's human form. ]

HYDRON (catching breath):
Please... just let us speak...


[ EXT. NEAR THE GLACIER'S MOUTH - DAY. : Gravitor has returned to the ground, and Wind is holding an ice-spear; both are closer to the opening than they were previously. ]

You could have just told us to leave.

Believe it or not, we aren't here to fight.

Then leave.

We didn't come to disturb you. We came to figure out why your glacier is here. And now we know. You seem like the kind of person that could help us.

I will not be a weapon for anyone.

You don't have to be. We were gathered because there are strange things threatening the world in these days, and conventional methods haven't had much success in stopping them. You could help more than any of us, but that is your decision.

[ beat ]

Maybe I'll go with you, but I will help only when necessary; otherwise, I don't exist.

... All of that, and that's all it takes?

WIND (half-whispering):
I told you... and try not to make him go berserk again...!



[ Break. ]


[ EXT. CONDEMNED SUBDIVISION - ESTABLISHMENT SHOT. : Judging by the skyline, this is in a big city (use Chicago as a model), but none of the buildings in the immediate vacinity, big or small, look to have seen use for some months, at least. The camera pans lazily and unfocusedly down and forward, as though toward a specific building, but before a clear target can be seen, the image ripples, blurs and dissolves to... ]


[ INT. ISDA CONFERENCEROOM - DAY. : The room is mostly empty and lit with fluorescent lights, though the ceiling isn't necessarily visible from this angle. The walls are bare and brown-tannish, and the floor is gray and completely uncovered--there is no tile, linoleum, carpet, or more than a concrete foundation. There are some small, university-esque gray chairs lining the walls, with one larger office-style "rolly chair" in the center of the back wall. It is obscured, however, by the man standing in front of it, the ISDA Chairman, who is dressed in a generic black suit-and-tie. While his hair--including a notable mustache--is little more than white, it is clear that his powder-eyebrows are replacing meticulously-shaved real eyebrows of an undiscernable color. To the chairman's right (the viewer's left) stands a tall, very well-built man in a navy-blue uniform featuring red wrist/ankle bands and a circle of alternating red-and-white stars on the chest; other stars-and-stripe decorations circle his belt-line and white stripes appear down his thighs. This man, Black Eagle, has rather broad shoulders, and the build to go with them, though most of the visible muscle-mass is in his chest, shoulders and maybe abs; his arm-muscles are certainly built, but are not overly bulgy or massive (nor are they disproportionately small...). Black Eagle's face is hidden beneath a red cowl, though what can be seen of his mouth, when combined with his posture, gives off a sense of complete attentiveness and discipline. ]

[ Hydron, Gravitor and Wind stand off to the side, watching intently, though seemingly not with much acknowledgement from anyone else in the room. In the foreground, facing the Chairman (with his back to the camera?) is Glacier, a male who could be anywhere from a mid-to-late teenager to a mid twenty-something with light-brown (maybe a tiny bit awbern-ish) hair that looks a bit greasy and mangled. He wears a suit of pale-blue spandex with darker blue gloves, belt and boots. If his face is visible, his skin is pale, and his eyes are icy and somewhat blank; his expression is mostly emotionless. ]

BY coming here, you have entered into a nondisclosure agreement concerning everything that you experience and learn while within one half mile of this facility.


We are led to believe that you are responsible for the spontaneous creation of a sub-glacial icemass near the Montana-Canada border. Is this true?


Show me how, if you don't mind.

[ Ice expands from Glacier's body in the shape of an oblique sphere-type ovuloid. ]

That's enough.

[ Black Eagle raises a hand, from which a jet of blue sparks streaks toward the ice. ]

[ Glacier splits the ice in half and sends the half closest to BlackEagle toward him, while the other falls back. ]

[ Black Eagle's sparks stop. ]

Most impressive. Should you prove loyal--

I serve none.

Do you oppose?

I oppose acting darkness.

What do you consider acting darkness?

You aren't in any danger from me unless you do evil.

[ Glacier walks out. ]

[ Black Eagle starts to go after Glacier, but stops... ]

Hey, hold it, Black Eagle...

Hydron, follow him. Do not allow him to leave without proper security.

[ Hydron's head jerks in a slight nod before she takes water form and flows along the ground and off-screen after Glacier. ]

Wind, Gravitor, follow on foot, but keep your distance unless intervention becomes necessary.

[ Gravitor salutes, and he and Wind turn to follow Glacier. Black Eagle watches the lot of them intently. ]

Black Eagle...

[ Black Eagle turns and faces the ISDA Chairman attentively. ]


You're needed on the south side.

[ Black Eagle salutes and exits to the left. ]


[ EXT. RUN-DOWN NEIGHBORHOOD - UNIDENTIFIABLE BRICK BUILDING. : Glacier stands near a non-functioning, dented-up air-conditioning unit that is leaning lop-sidedly against a weathered, scratched-up, and smudged with ancient-forgotten-graffiti brick wall that dominates the background. ]

[ A collumn of water rises from the ground and becomes Hydron. ]

If you're going to leave, then at least let me escort you. It's regulation that you can't know the way in or out until you've been marked as trusted.

Regulations that don't bend will eventually be broken, or break something else.

Maybe, but I think you understand this one.

[ Glacier half-shrugs and extends his arm, but not in a threatening way. ]


[ EXT. CONDEMNED SUBDIVISION - ALLEYWAY - AFTERNOON. : Hydron enters from a shadowed sidewalk, leading Glacier by the arm. A pickup truck is parked near a nearby curb, and Hydron stops just in the shadow of a building and watches as two shady figures--one holding something under his awkward-for-summer vest--get into the truck.* ]

[ Glacier disappears into the shadows and off screen; as the engine of the truck starts up, Hydron takes water form and makes her liquid-crawly-way into the back of the truck before it drives off. ]



[ INT. PICKUP TRUCK - DAY. : The two shady fellows, called here "Thug1" and "Thug2", are sitting not-very-buckled-in inside the truck. Thug1 glances at the rear-view mirror uneasily, and nearly fails to stop for a pair of pedestrians in the process. ]

Chill out, will ya? I'll tell ya if we're bein' followed.

I thought I heard somethin'.

Do you see somethin'? I don't. Jees, you gonna get the air conditioner fixed in here?

I'm workin' on it.

Well I'm workin' in a jacket in July; the window's comin' down.

Just try not to talk where anyone can hear you.

We're drivin' against wind, and it's not exactly quiet out there anyway.

[ Thug2 The roar of wind and a generic city drone pierces the air as the passenger-side window rolls down. ]

THUG2 (cont'd):
I'd be surprised if you could hear anythin' I say; forget about any imaginary spies.

[ Thug1 takes a hand off of the gear-shift (It's the sort that's built into the side of the steeringwheel...) for a moment to put it into his jacket, as though looking for something, then returns it to the controls. ]

D'we know if the boys are there yet?

Bruskiís on his way. I think Jackson called in a few minutes ago saying he would be there. I think heís taking care of the east side.

We're coverin' all sides but the front, right? Sure we got enough reliables for it?

Joey and Tiny are supposed to handle the back.

[ Thug1 Thug2 snickers quietly. ]

THUG1 (cont'd):
I don't know who's got the one's at the top.

I'n't someone supposed to put one or two in the sewage system?

I think they got a head start on that to avoid runnin' into trouble.

[ EXT. BACK OF PICKUP TRUCK - AFTERNOON. : a pool of water forms into Hydron, who tries to remained crouched below the back windshield of the truck. ]

We're the last ones, right? The boss i'n't gonna set off the detonator until we call 'im, right?


Did you hear that?

[ Thug1 The truck slows a bit. ]

THUG1 (cont'd):
Came from the back...

A bit much on the paranoia... I don't hear anything.

Of course not; you've been talkin' the whole time.

[ Thug1 looks toward the rear-view mirror. ]

THUG1 (cont'd):
Take a look through the back window, will you?

[ EXT. BACK OF PICKUP TRUCK - AFTERNOON. : Hydron is still crouched just below the back windshield of the truck. ]

[ Hydron catches her breath a bit, then becomes water again. ]

Yah, fine...

[ The back glass is too tented to get a good look, but it seems that there is some movement from inside the truck. ]

THUG2 (cont'd):
I don't see anything. It's just a little wet.


[ EXT. SIDE-STREET NEAR A BRICK BUILDING - AFTERNOON. : The pickup truck pulls up and parks off to the side. The doors open and Thug1 and Thug2 get out and start walking toward the building. ]

This looks like a quick in-and-out job. One of those easy-too-easy deals. Maybe havin' a paranoid nutjob like you wasn't such a bad idea.

You can never be too careful in this business.

[ Thug1 pulls a cigarette out of his jacket, but Thug2 grabs his wrist. ]

THUG1 (cont'd):

Talkin' about safety and you're gonna light up a smoke-signal? You can wait a whole thirty seconds, cancha?

[ Water-Hydron is following them in puddle-form. ]

Eagh... let's just plant these things and get outa here.

[ The thugs walk off screen. In what is now the background, a large mass of ice leans into view, then falls onto the front of the truck, effectively crushing it. ]


[ EXT. BEHIND A BUILDING - AFTERNOON. : Thug2 is bent over a ground-based airconditioning unit near the building, placing a small object between it and the building, when a tremendous crash, complete with breaking glass and screeching metal, emanates from off screen. ]

THUG1 (alarmed):
What was that?

[ Water flows between Thug1 and Thug2 and toward the air-unit while Thug2 Speaks. ]

Beats the heck outa me. Car-wreck?

THUG1 (looking over his shoulder):
That was close enough to be the truck...

[ Some sparks flicker briefly in the place where Thug2 placed the mysterious item, followed by Water-Hydron shooting up from the ground between the thugs. ]

[ Thug1 turns and runs, screaming at first. Thug2 jumps back, then turns to run (not necessarily the same direction as Thug1). ]

[ An ice-bat catches Thug2 in the head and he yells in pain. ]

[ Glacier steps into view, then strikes Thug2 again; Thug2 collapses to the ground. Glacier walks over to the shadows of the air-unit and (if his feet are visible) sends ice out from his feet to crush the device planted by Thug2. ]

[ Hydron returns to human form near Glacier. ]

There are more of them. I think they mean to blow up the building.

[ Glacier nods, then turns and walks out of frame along the building. ]



[ Two more thugs, Joey and Tiny, start setting devices at the back of the building. One of them turns in preparation to leave, but a sudden noise from off screen causes the other to look in the opposite direction. ]

[ Glacier speeds in with an ice-ram that knocks Joey down, simultaneously sending ice at the planted devices to crush them. ]

[ At the same time, Water-Hydron rushes in and knocks down Tiny. ]

[ Glacier and Water-Hydron zoom off screen as quickly as they entered, Glacier propelled by ice that projects from his feet. ]


[ Glacier and Hydron enter upon two other thugs who are standing in wait. ]

[ one of the thugs lights a cigarette and throws it at Hydron, who is still in water form and therefore unaffected. ]

[ Glacier hits cigarette-guy with a fist surrounded in ice, and the victim falls. ]

[ Cigarette-less-thug draws a pistol and takes aim at Glacier ]

[ Water-Hydron comes up around his feet in a rising whirlpool, destroying his ability to stand without considerable effort, let alone aim a small handgun. ]

[ Glacier projects a shield of ice from this forearms that knocks down the gun-wielder. ]


[ EXT. BUILDINGSIDE - AFTERNOON. : Begin with a close on a plastic explosive-looking device that skids across the ground, cracked and sparking, before an ice-wedge falls into its center and splits it in half. ]

[ Zoom out to reveal Glacier standing over the ruined bomb, with a vast, shallow puddle behind him. ]

Nice work.

[ Wind and Gravitor walk into view. The water rises and takes human shape before returning to Hydron's human form. ]

There's at least one explosive inside, and in the drainage system. I can handle the last one.

We can handle the others,

[ Gravitor raises an eyebrow at Glacier. ]

GRAVITOR (cont'd):
... but some help would be nice.

[ Hydron nods, looks around for a nearby grating in the sidewalk, then takes water form and flows into it. ]

[ Wind looks toward the building, then suddenly points toward a window that is relatively high up. ]

Up there!

Nice call, Wind.


[ EXT. BUILDINGSIDE - OUTSIDE WINDOW - AFTERNOON. : This is a relatively tight shot of the window, but the camera still appears to be a few feet back from the building. Through the glass, a figure is visible, seemingly wearing a jacket (If clear enough, resembles the jackets of Thug1 and Thug2), and is bent over as though trying to do something inconspicuously.* ]

[ Gravitor falls upward to the window with his hands up to guard his face. He tenses just as his body collides with the glass, shattering it. The thug jumps back, but Gravitor still manages to knee him off of his feet as normal gravity takes over again and he lands in the room. (If possible, show that Gravitor still has a considerable amount of forward momentum upon landing, though he manages to remain balanced.). ]

[ Another thug's arm appears from the shadows, holding a gun, aimed at Gravitor. ]

[ A sudden gust of wind blasts through the room from the broken window; Gravitor stumbles a bit, and the gun-arm is moved a bit. A single gunshot is fired, but only results in a hole in the opposite wall. ]

GRAVITOR (Not doing a good job of hiding his temporary loss of balance):
Where are the other explosives?

The security Guys have it. They were supposed to be at the middle of the building, but we were caught and...

[ The door suddenly bursts open, and a pair of armed security guards enter the room. Gravitor jumps backward toward the window and salutes as he falls out of sight. The security guards look after him, but spot the two thugs and immediately advance on them. ]


[ EXT. BUILDINGSIDE - AFTERNOON. : Wind is hovering about a foot and a half above the ground, looking up toward the window (off screen) intently. ]

[ Gravitor lands on the sidewalk and stops to recover against the side of the building. Wind lands as well. ]

Should we help them?

Security can take it from here, so long as Shanan's got the others.


[ INT. SEWER - DARKNESS. : Some light enters from gratings above, but it is mostly dark; the roar of traffic is louder here, and reverberates throughout the tunnels from great distances. ]

[ Water-Hydron flows along the obscured-though-still-ick bottom of the area, occasionally probing the walls with small waves. She comes to a concrete slab of sorts, where the dry remains of a cigarette may be seen. She flows onto the slab and takes human form, crouching over the cigarette-butt. ]

Not too fresh, but not too old either. And it never touched the water.

[ Hydron looks around, somewhat lost. ]

HYDRON (cont'd):
A little more light would help.

[ Hydron notices a pair of large pipes that are in reach of the slab without need for touching the water, and she walks toward them, seeing the two devices nestled at the junction of the pipes with the surrounding cement. ]

[ Hydron picks up one of the devices, and looksat it curiously, not sure what to do with it. ]

[ A brief image of Glacier splitting a device apart with an ice-wedge flashes and fades away. ]

[ Hydron suddenly looks up and searches the area with her eyes, but it is too dark to discern much. Then she notices the edge of the slab on which she stands, and moves toward it and kneels. She flips the device over a couple times in her hands, seemingly searching for the correct orientation, then slams it down on the corner of the concrete. She does this two more times before the plastic cracks and she holds a hand over the opening. The hand turns into water and enters the opening, and Hydron sets the broken device down and moves back for the other. ]


[ EXT. BUILDINGSIDE - AFTERNOON. : Wind and Gravitor are still lurking near the wall. ]

Hey, where'd the ice-guy go?

He was still here when I went to the window, wasn't he?

[ Water rises from the nearest grating in the sidewalk, and soon becomes Human-Hydron. ]

Below is clear.

[ Hydron Notices Glacier's absence ]

HYDRON (cont'd):
Where'd the Glacier go?

Apparently he ran off when someone wasn't looking.

Hey, I kept a bullet out of your head!

[ A gunshot rings out from off screen, and everyone turns toward the source... ]




[ Glacier confronts Thug1 and Thug2. Both thugs are wielding firearms that are considerably larger than the smaller pistols seen previously. ]

THUG2 (Clearly terrified):
Back off! I'm warnin' you!

[ Ice-gauntlets form around Glacier's hands and forearms as he steps forward. ]

[ Thug2 pulls the trigger, and a triangular prism of ice emerges from Glacier's body to deflect the shot. ]

GRAVITOR (OS, calling):
Hey! Hold it!

[ Depending on the angle, Gravitor, Wind and Hydron might be visible running toward the scene. ]

Let's get outa here...!

[ Thug1 turns and runs, making a grab at Thug2's arm in the process. Thug2 startles, then turns and follows. ]

[ Gravitor, Wind and Hydron come up alongside Glacier. ]

Do we go after them?

I know I am.

[ Gravitor pursues the thugs; Wind, Hydron and Glacier join him. ]



[ Thug1 and Thug2 run into the alleyway, but suddenly their path is blocked by a large net of blue sparks; they collide with the barier and fall back to the pavement, Looking up at the cause in stunned horror. ]

[ Close-up, slow-motion pan-up of Fieron, yellow-booted, wearing a ninja-like black outfit; he wears a thin yellow belt and yellow gloves, and a yellow sash of sorts hangs over his chest. His face is hidden by both a black hood, and a black cloth-mask, covering everything but his eyes and the bridge of his nose, which are obscured in the shadow of his hood. ]

You failed. In your business, failure is rarely rewarding.

Wait... you don't mean...

[ Thug2 jumps up, shooting machinegun-style at Fieron. Fire and sparks erupt around Fieron, every projectile deflected. ]

[ a sheet of ice slides in and pushes the thugs out of the way of the ensuing burst of fire and sparks that falls toward where they were moments earlier. Glacier, Gravitor, Wind and Hydron arrive, standing side by side, facing Fieron. Thug1 and Thug2 get up and run away without a glance back. ]

Is that...

That's Fieron!

So, I take it you're the boss?

You hasten to conclusions. Worry with the moment.

[ Fieron rises into the air and begins to fly away. ]

Hold it!

[ Gravitor Falls toward Fieron ]

GRAVITOR (cont'd):
. You aren't going anywhere!

Let's see you stop me.

[ Glacier rises on stilts of ice, while extending a bar of ice from one hand toward Fieron. ]

[ Fieron sends a sheet of fire and sparks from his arms to engulf the ice; it is quickly melted away, steam visible from the clash. ]

[ Gravitor jumps up and does a falling kick (Meaning, he falls up toward Fieron with his gravity-shifting powers) at Fieron, but is blocked by a shield of blue sparks. ]

[ Wind flies up as well, a torrent of wind surrounding her. ]

[ Fieron extends a hand and a stream of fire and blue sparks hits Wind, knocking her down. ]

I see the government has found itself a legion of superhumans, but this pathetic band of comicbook rejects won't get them what they want.

[ Fieron flies away... completely out of sight this time ]

[ On the ground, Wind lands hard; Hydron kneels beside her in concern. Gravitor and Glacier land near them. ]

Is she ok?

It doesn't look too bad... but she still needs it looked at, and soon.

Hey, Glacier... I hate to keep throwing you into this... but... we could use a hand with this.

[ Glacier forms a ball of ice in one hand and hands it to Hydron. A sloping ice-platform grows from Glacier's feet, then rises a bit into the air; it isn't clear that it can support the four people atop it, but Gravitor crouches and looks to be focusing, and the platform continues rising, free of Earth's gravity. (Note that the platform isn't immune to wind.). ]

I guess we owe you some explanations, huh?


[ The ice-platform rises further, and we fade out. ]


6:11 PM 12/2/2009