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TAOE is a Jeqo original series, on the surface another “Super-team” series, until the various threads start to show themselves...   Originally inspired by a heading in an eighth-grade Earth-science book, TAOE has evolved into a series spanning many levels of life, the world, and beyond, in which the confusion and interests of the audience are bound to be shared by the characters, all presented for your reading--and perhaps hearing or seeing--pleasure in virtual series format.

Project Goals

One episode will be released every week (two in special cases), until previously-anounced season breaks. Each episode will follow general screenplay standards, try to maintain a consistent length (in terms of time required to present content), and will attempt to maintain a consistent advisory rating (mild violence, occasional "dark" themes). At least one piece of additional content is meant to accompany each episode, though the episode itself will take priority.

Episode List

001 - "Cold Reception"
01/23/2010: Three twenty-somethings with strange talents and stranger outfits are hired to investigate an icemass in the middle of nowhere.
002 - "Erosion Corner"
01/23/2010: Fieron's history is somewhat explained, and Taoe is officially formed in time to face a mechanized break-in at a partical collider facility.
003 - "Silentworld"
01/29/2010: A mysterious beam in the sky leads Taoe to an unfamiliar place.
004 - "Hot Iron"
02/05/2010: Back in familiar territory, Taoe has to deal with the aftermath of the previous episode, as well as an old foe.
005 - "Key of the Nations"
02/20/2010: A mysterious theft leads Taoe on an international quest to keep ancient artifacts out of the hands of terrorists.
006 - "Conquered Treasure"
02/20/2010: Taoe has no time to return home, as a lead concerning the terrorists' next target falls from the sky.
007 - "One Key Prevails (1)"
02/27/2010: Terrorists, Kro and Taoe all converge on the last key, but a series of double-crossings leaves Taoe struggling to survive against a team-splitting darkness.
008 - "One Key Prevails (2)"
03/05/2010: Wind and Hydron must deal with a hijacker before they can help Gravitor against the Shadow Kro and a possessed Glacier.
009 - "Insignificant Shadows"
03/13/2010: Attempts to corner Fieron lead Taoe to hunt down a spy with power over light...
010 - "Faith in Radiation"
03/27/2010: Taoe investigates an unexplained burst of radiation.
011 - "In and Out"
04/03/2010: Taoe discovers Fieron's identity...
012 - "Trapped in Experimentation"
04/10/2010: A scientific investigation leads Taoe to Eoce once again.
013 - "Free-roaming Fear"
04/10/2010: Taoe goes on a manhunt for Kamal and Dark Bob
014 - "Deadly Blinding Rays"
05/02/2010: A runaway falls in with an old foe.
015 - "To Burn a Pearl"
05/09/2010: Fieron builds a fortress, and Taoe scopes it out.
016 - "Don't Bring Rules"
05/20/2010: Following a series of mysterious disappearances, Taoe fights a giant while shady enemies try to kidnap strange individuals.
017 - "Dolls Bleed Red"
05/20/2010: A terrorist and a sorceror strike a deal to try and eliminate Taoe.
018 - "Playing by Someone Else's Rules"
05/29/2010: While Theracy tries to recover a stolen artifact, Taoe's search for Retanretla is slowed by new leadership.
019 - "Blue Turns Green"
06/04/2010: Retanretla's experiments put a small town in termoil.
020 - "Sky or Die"
06/11/2010: Retanretla challenges Taoe to an all-out-battle, while Theracy learns about not just her powers, but the universe...
021 - "Too Close, Too Fast (1)"
06/18/2010: While Theracy learns of Liquaro and Rani's past, Taoe attempts to stop a global catastrophe.
022 - "Too Close, Too Fast (2)"
06/24/2010: Taoe is forced to ally with old foes to stop a disasterous merger of worlds.
023 - "Too Close, Too Fast (3)"
06/24/2010: While more is revealed about how the kids got involved, Taoe makes an attempt to determine if Eoce's Merger can be stopped.
024: "Too Close, Too Fast (4)"
07/03/2010: With Black Eagle out of commission, Taoe and their allies race to stop Eoce's merger of universes at all costs.

Extra Content

Additional content to be released with each episode...

- All of the midis for Season 1, 2 for season 2 and an MP3 version of one song, as well as a couple alternate versions of released midis (nothing particularly fancy...).
False Mountain (midi song)
- Not based on a specific event in the series, though named after the first action sequence in episode 1. The idea was to use instruments that don't see a lot of use in Jeqo music.
Drama1 (midi song)
- This song was an attempt to convert the word "taoe" into music, and then make it vaguely usable in something, though what isn't entirely clear.
"Flame of Justice, Shadow Peak" (midi song)
- This song was originally written in 2004 to accompany a scene in episode 4, specifically involving Fieron.
Dark Bob's Theme
- A song written in 2003, inspired by a percussionist with a suspended cymbal's reaction to an old version of a scene in episode 7.
Kejek Recording
- Nearly ten minutes of improvized music with the original intention of being a themesong for a particular character.
Wielder of Light - Theme of Spectro
- This song wasn't written for Taoe, but...
"Here's Shiny!"
- A few notes of what was supposed to be the song played at Retanretla's introduction. Why it remains unfinished should be obvious.
"Flame ... Shadow" - actiony?
- Remix of Flame_shadow. It was something of a rush-job, as evidenced in the... um... rhythm on the drums. But eh.
Eoce's Theme
- Spontaneous Song. That it continues at the same pace with few breaks is kind of annoying; any connection to Eoce's nature was accidental.
DBRA "Ray from the Fresh Blood"
- This song was originally written somewhere between 2000 and 2002, without an incredibly specific use in mind, though over time it evolved into a theme of sorts for a character who first appears in Episode 14.
Hero Vs. Doom
- (Mostly) written in 2004/2005, this ... "song" was written for a much older invisioning of how what became episode 16 would turn out. Whether it fits there now... You decide.
"That's A Hero"
- This song was started in 2004/2005, around the same time as "Hero Vs. Doom", with a similar melody in mind (though, listen to how that turned out...). Both songs were left only partly complete and tweaked a bit from time to time, but mostly left alone until 2008. This one was completed in 2010, and though the version of Episode 17 it was originally meant for didn't happen, a scene near the end of episode 17 was written with it in mind.
"Twin Beams, Tahea!"
- Another from 2000-2002, kinda meant as Liquaro and Rani's theme. At the time the song was conceived, Sarai hadn't been thought of, so any specific usage has changed quite a bit.
"Blind in the Rain"
- The backing for this was a spontaneous bit in February 2010, but the song wasn't finished until the weak that Episode 19 was released. Probably goes with a particularly dramatic scene in said episode (reading should make it clear which).
The Kro Anthem
- Random song thrown together sometime in the two weeks after episodes 18-19 were released. Generic music for Kro-related scenes. Feels like it's building toward something, but never gets there...
"Silver and Fog"
- After writing episode 15, I realized we needed a pirate-related theme. This isn't quite what I was hoping for, but it's what we wound up with.
Sir. X's Theme
- A version of this song dates back to 2001 or so, with this version being completed in May 2003. You can tell this is an early one because it's so repetitive... as for the usage, the title says it all.
- After writing the Kro Theme, I realized there was a desperate need for more variety in music for early things, so put this together. The idea is to work with bot-related things (episodes 2, 3, 12, and 22-24 in particular. Could see use in other episodes as well (4?).) Heavily based on a remix of the "Scrap Brain Zone" theme from Sonic the Hedgehog. (Will put the sequencer's name here if I ever find it...)

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