Episode 07: "One Key Prevails (1)"

Writer:  C. A. E. Jones

4:20PM 2/12/2010



[ EXT. ABOVE MOUNTAINS - EVENING. : City's and countrysides lie at the foot of relatively small mountains. A small plane flies overhead. ]

[ EXT. MOUNTAINSIDE - EVENING. : Kamir and Kerahs walk up the mountainside. Kerahs holds his axe in front of him. ]

It shouldn't be much farther.

[ Kerahs grunts in reply. ]

[ The ground steapens sharply into a near vertical side of a rocky dome just below the mountain's peak. There is a shadowed, narrow crack in the rocks, from which a faint orange glow emanates. ]

This could take hours to search.

[ Kerahs keeps walking directly to the crack in the rocks. ]

Where are you going?

To the last key.

How do you know where it is?

[ They enter a narrow stone passage. The farther they go, the brighter the light becomes. ]

How do you know that it is here?

A legend.

[ The passage opens into a small chamber. The middle of the chamber features a pit overlooking a pool of lava. Several rocks of varying sizes are strone about the chamber. To one side--left if one's back is to the entrance-- Shentair stands over a collapsed figure with his sword raised. A large rock sits in front of him, atop which are six keys. Shentair kneels over the fallen figure and picks up a misshapen mass of gold. ]

KAMIR (Shocked, angry):
What treachery is this!

[ Shentair kicks the body into the pit and it disappears beneath the lava. ]

[ At the entrance of the crack, Black Eagle stands, glancing in from beside a rock. ]

Did you get that?

[ INT. LAVA CHAMBER - EVENING. : Kamir has drawn a gun and aims it at Shentair. ]

Place the smashed key in the center.

KAMIR (Shouting):
You have no place giving orders, Kro! Much less concerning the keys!

[ Shentair kneels over the rock and places the gold on it. ]

The Kro never submited to you! Your resources allowed us to take the keys, after a thousand years of lost shadows.


[ Kamir turns the gun on Kerahs. Kerahs raises his axe and swings for Kamir's arm. ]

[ EXT. MOUNTAINSIDE - EVENING. : Black Eagle stands as though he is about to spring into the passage. Kamir's scream reverberates from inside. ]

Kerahs just attacked Kamir. I think he took off a hand.

[ INT. LAVA CHAMBER - EVENING. : Kerahs approaches the key-covered stone. ]

Had we persuaded the Shadow Kro, your plague statue would not have opened, even if that key hadn't been smashed.

[ A strong wind wails through the crack in the mountain as Kerahs and Shentair reach to lift the stone. ]


[ Near the other side of the pit, Kamir's head and shoulders rise into frame. From this angle, neither the ground nor the arm he previously held the gun with are visible, though his other hand is raised with the gun in it. ]

Your Traitorous shadow-plots will not stop our great works!

[ Kamir fires his gun. Kerahs turns, raises his axe, steps toward Kamir and swings. ]

[ EXT. MOUNTAINSIDE - DOME CRACK - EVENING. : Black Eagle steps into the passage. ]

[ There is a loud whoosh from within the crack, followed by a shout, then a dull thud. ]

Kamir's dead.

[ The wind howls as dust is blown around the rock-dome. Black fog rises up around the mountain. ]

I'm going in.

[ INT. LAVA CHAMBER - EVENING. : The silhouette of a body disappears beneath the lava. There is blood splattered over the ground. ]

[ Kerahs lowers his axe and returns to the rock. He and Shentair take hold of the rock and move it slowly toward the pit. ]

We aren't alone, Kerahs.

I know. It doesn't matter. The Shadow Kro are on the mountain.

[ Black Eagle enters the chamber. Black fog follows him. ]

He will interfere.

[ There is an echoing, mist-filled breath from the entrance of the chamber, and several dark shapes rush in. Black Eagle turns, but a cloaked, sword-wielding figure bats him aside. ]

[ The fog fills the chamber and thins. Seven identical black-cloaked figures encircle the lava pit, moving closer to Kerahs and Shentair as they surround the key-stone. ]

What... in the world...

For a millennium, these keys have held their connection to the talismens of the Kro warriors who took them from across the sea. Now that the keys have been gathered, the Shadow Kro walk together.

[ Kerahs and Shentair hold the stone over the pit. ]

Keep it steady, Shentair.

These... things have been wandering around for a thousand years?

Fool! Your doubt and life shall be extinguished when you experience the power of the Shadow Kro!

Once the keys are formed into one, the Shadow Kro shall obey me.

They shall bring the Kro out of hiding and back to their rightful--

[ Black Eagle thrusts out a hand, and a blue spark-and-light beam blasts from it, striking the keys from the stone. One of them nearly falls into the lava, but Shentair catches it. The others scatter across the chamber. The cloaked figures, hereafter the Shadow Kro, start to mill about the chamber in a frency. Kerahs forces the stone to the ground near the pit, raising his axe. ]

You can't stop us.

Watch me.

[ Black Eagle leaps over the pit and his wings ignite, forcing the Shadow Kro to fall back from him. Shentair leaps with sword raised; a blast from Black Eagle's hand throws him into the stone wall of the chamber. Black Eagle lands, wings still ablaze, and scoops up a key. Kerahs takes the smashed key and slips it into his helmet, gripping his axe with both hands. ]

What happens when these fall in the fire?

You die.

Is that so?

[ Kerahs swings his axe. Black Eagle spins, one fiery wing knocking the axe aside while the other leaves a scorch mark on the wall of the chamber. Two Shadow Kro glide over the pit toward Kerahs and Black Eagle. One of them throws a small, red dart that strikes Black Eagle in the shoulder. His wings flicker and disappear as he snarls in pain. ]

[ The other Shadow Kro throws a dart at Kerahs, who blocks it with his axe; smoke rises from where the dart and axe collide. ]

Your time is at hand, my ancestors; raise your swords against they that interfere.

[ Black Eagle's arm that was struck with the dart hangs motionless at his side. ]

What did you do to my arm?

[ He throws the key into his mouth and holds it between his teeth, then turns his good hand toward the Shadow Kro. Another spark-beam blasts forth, forcing one of the Shadow Kro back. Black Eagle's wings ignite again, though they sputter briefly. He takes a running leap and soars over the pit, turning toward the passageway. Three of the Shadow Kro follow him; one of them slashes his leg with its sword. Smoke drifts up from the struck area. ]

[ Black Eagle rolls sideways as he enters the crack, his wings cutting burns into the walls of the passage as he flies through. A red dart catches him in the uninjured thigh, but Black Eagle flies out of the passage as the Shadow Kro gather within it. ]

[ Three Shadow Kro leave Kerahs against the wall. The remaining Shadow Kro, hereafter SKLeader, glides toward Kerahs. ]

Do not let him escape with the key!

[ SKLeader thrusts his longsword at Kerahs's chest. ]

[ EXT. MOUNTAINSIDE - EVENING. : Black Eagle soars away from the mountain. ]

[ Fade to black. ]

[ Fade in to INT. HOSPITALROOM - LIT. : Black Eagle lies in a bed, with the key lying on the pillow beside his head. A white-coated doctor stands over him, Gravitor and Glacier at the foot of the bed. ]

He's taken a cut to one leg, and has puncture wounds in the left shoulder and thigh. Those should heal up just fine. There is something else numbing the injured limbs, though. The symptoms make me think of poison, but there are no traces of any harmful substances in his body. It's as though whatever cut him tore apart the neuro transmitters in his muscles.

Can you do anything for it?

I'm not sure what we can do. Somehow, the condition is spreading. I have no idea how to stop it.

[ A nurse enters. ]

Doctor, there's a situation...

Call a nurse if things get worse.

[ The doctor follows the nurse out of the room. Black Eagle shakily reaches up with his right hand and picks up the key, holding it toward Gravitor, who steps closer and reaches out to take it. ]

What do you want me to do with it?

Nuke it. Nuke the whole mountain.


I don't know what they are, but they're after it. Put it under a magnet, burn it, I don't care; just destroy it.

I'll take it down to the factory in town. They have to have something there that can wipe this thing out.

Don't take these lightly, Charles. You'll need all the help you can get.

[ INT. ISDA MEETINGROOM - DAY. : The ISDAChairman sits in his customary seat. A BB agent (not among those that have been seen in previous episodes) stands to his right (screen left), while Theracy sits in a lower chair to his left (screen right). ]

[ Theracy sits back in the chair as though pulling away from something in front of her, her burned hand raised as though to guard her face and chest, her eyes open and darting about frantically. If her mouth can be clearly seen she is visibly biting her lower lip. ]

I can't go back. Those shadow things are too dangerous.

You're in this room. They can't hurt you.

Yes they can. I can tell they can. The closer I get to them, the more I can feel myself fading away... like they're going to feed on my life and make me one of them...

[ Theracy lowers her hand. She stares at it, and the burns briefly fade to jet black before returning to normal. ]

THERACY (cont'd):
I can't get that close again.

Continued intelligence from the area is essential. Get as close as you can.

[ Theracy sighs. ]

I'll try to watch the mountain from the sky.

[ Dissolve to... ]

[ EXT. MOUNTAINSIDE - NIGHT. : near the foot of the mountain, obscured by a pair of boulders, a small brown truck sits with the window rolled down. The silhouette of a humanoid is visible in the driver's seat (on the right side of the truck). ]

[ A voice, too muffled and distorted by static to be discerned, emits from the truck. ]

KRO (OS, shouting):
Dark Sunrise has come!

[ The figure in the truck lowers its head, then rises, pointing a shadowed gun out the window. ]

[ Five armored figures walk briskly up the mountain. Two wield swords, two maces, and one an axe similar to (though a bit smaller than) Kerahs's. ]

[ A flash of light and a loud bang comes from the gun, and the axe-wielder falls to one knee. ]

MAN IN TRUCK (shouting):

[ There is another gunshot, but two cloaked figures glide down from the mountain, followed by a cloud of dark fog. ]

KRO1 (shouting):
Our dawn has come! The Kro again walk!

[ There is another gunshot. The cloaked ones draw close to the truckk, and a small red dart flies from one of them and toward the figure in the truck. ]

[ Black Fog swirls around the figures and the truck and fill the view. Dissolve to... ]

[ EXT. AIRPORT - DAY. : Wind and Hydron, both in street clothes and carrying large `dufflebags, walk along a sidewalk toward the visible entrance of the building. ]

I am so sick of flying across the ocean.

You'll have the trip back to complain about.

Maybe we'll just stay this time. Or take a boat back.

[ Wind sighs ]

WIND (cont'd):
If we get back.

I wasn't expecting that from you.

This is it, isn't it? For all we know, we won't even make it there before those... things... do something we can't stop.

It's better to put in effort than to hide.

I know. But after what Calmo said, I'm not sure if something this big isn't...

[ Wind sighs. ]

WIND (cont'd):
At least they didn't call until class was out.

[ Wind and Hydron reach the entrance and pass through. ]

[ EXT. HIGHWAY - NIGHT. : There are city lights and clouds along the road, though the view focuses on a more isolated section, over which a black van drives. Its headlights are on, but its windows are dark. ]

[ INT. VAN - NIGHT. : The man at the wheel wears a heavy vest, a dark beret on his head. Gravitor sits in the passenger seat, with Glacier in the seat behind him. All are looking forward. ]

I always thought embassies were closer to the cities.

Yes, but the factory is on the other side of the metro.

I've gotta start looking at maps.

[ Glacier holds his hand palm up and glances into it as a thin sheet of ice grows over it. ]

Most things aren't so far apart here; it's just a few kilometers.

[ The ice on Glacier's hand peals off into the air, dissolving into fog as it does. Glacier snaps his fist shut and glares out the window. ]

[ EXT. HIGHWAY - NIGHT. : The seven Shadow Kro advance onto the highway from the chat oto the side on a path that is angled with respect to the road. ]

[ The Shadow Kro block the path of the van and it screeches to a stop. ]

[ INT. VAN - NIGHT. : Gravitor is thrown forward as the van slows quickly, putting a hand on the dash to stop himself.* ]

What the...

They're here.


Some people are standing in the road.

They're gonna have to move.

[ The driver flips a switch on the center console. ]

Partite prego dalla via. Partez de la rue, s'il vous plait. Sale la calle, por favor. Please step out of the road.

Why are they coming closer?

[ The driver reaches for the controls in his door. The driver's window slides down. ]

Is there some kind of--

[ The Shadow Kro surround the van. A sword stabs through the open window, and black fog follows it, obscuring the Driver's face as he screams and falls back. ]

No! Close the window!

[ The sword swings downward heavily, cutting a foot into the door. ]

Hey! Are you ok?

[ Glacier faces the open window and a small ice-spear flies from his hand into the darkness beyond. A red dart flies into the van. ]


[ The dart spins in mid air and falls back toward the window. The sowrd strikes again, and half of the door falls away into the darkness. ]

Back at you!

[ One of the Shadow Kro tears the remaining portion of the door aside and reaches into the van, but the dart strikes it in the face and it falls back, disappearing in the fog. ]

Where'd he put that gun...

[ Gravitor pulls the driver back from the destroyed door with one hand, then wriggles his way out of his seat and to the ceiling as he looks down toward the floor. Another Shadow Kro emerges from the fog and slashes the driver's seat in half. Another sword appears in the doorframe and cuts horizontally into the side of the van. Another dart flies over the visible Shadow Kro's shoulder and toward Gravitor, who drops out of range. The dart strikes the window behind him and then falls to the seat below; black smoke briefly rises from where the dart struck the window. ]

This van is supposed to be bullet-proof! What are these freaks made of?

[ Glacier throws another ice-spear over Gravitor's head; it misses the Shadow Kro beyond. The second sword can now be seen to be in the hands of another Shadow Kro. Both swords strike again, and the back of the driver's seat falls against the seat near Glacier. ]

This armored van is going to be a trap for us. Glacier, let's take it outside!

[ With the seat out of his way, Glacier has a clearer shot at the Shadow Kro, and throws another pair of spears at them. One of the spears misses; the other is split in half by a fast-moving sword. ]

[ Gravitor turns around and moves for the passenger's door, throwing himself into it as it bursts open and he falls through. ]

[ A third sword joins the two that are already tearing into the van, and the driver's-side opening is a jagged-edged six-foot circle. The Shadow Kro closest to the front drifts into the van. A large gun clatters up from the floor and strikes the center console, sliding across it. It tilts and starts to fall toward the open passenger's door, but the Shadow Kro strikes it with its sword and it explodes in a cloud of fire and fog. ]

[ EXT. HIGHWAY - NIGHT. : Gravitor crouches outside the now still van, a hand outstretched toward the open passenger's door. ]

There went that idea. Glacier! I'm closing the door!

[ The side-door behind the passenger's door slides open as Gravitor jumps up and pushes the passenger's door shut. Glacier still sits in the middle seat, one hand on the open door, the other extended toward the Shadow Kro with an arm-thick bar of ice extending from it for roughly a meter. Glacier strikes away a Shadow Kro's sword with the ice-bar as he ducks and jumps back out of the van, landing on the highway beyond. The end of the ice-bar is smoking, and it quickly shrinks in a cloud of fog. ]

What are these guys? I think I'm missing Fieron and Eoce about now.

[ Two Shadow Kro approach Gravitor from behind. Glacier's ice-bar dissolves entirely, black fog hovering around his forearm. He turns his head toward the Shadow Kro. ]

Behind you!


[ Gravitor whips his head around in time for an ice-spear to strike the arm of the Shadow Kro whose sword is raised over Gravitor's head. Black fog thickens around the Shadow Kro, and the ice-spear dissolves. ]

Nice call!

[ Gravitor jumps up and rises above the van. ]

GRAVITOR (cont'd):
Let's get higher; we aren't doing so well on the ground.

[ SKLeader rushes into sight and rises from the ground, gliding toward Gravitor. ]

What? You aren't supposed to do that!

[ Glacier brings up both his arms defensively. An ice-bar grows from one of his hands, but a cloud of ice-fog comes from the other. Glacier looks at his fog-arm uneasily, and it slowly drops to his side. A dart comes from the direction of the van, striking the lowered arm. Glacier grimaces, then blocks a Shadow Kro's sword with the ice-bar. The ice-bar is instantly split in half and spills fog as it begins to shrink. ]

[ Above, Gravitor kicks to the side, diving for the ground as SKLeader glides for him with Sword extended. ]

Eat dirt!

[ SKLeader's descent accelerates. SKLeader throws a red dart toward Gravitor before landing on the ground. ]

[ Gravitor pulls out the golden key. The dart strikes the key and falls away. ]

Is this what you want?

[ Another Shadow Kro glides toward Gravitor from behind. Gravitor jumps upward and throws the key high into the sky. ]


[ Two Shadow Kro emerge from the van, one of them cutting the passenger door off of its hinges in the process. Glacier is now surrounded by four Shadow Kro. A thick plume of ice-fog puffs from Glacier's left hand, and a thin ice-spear forms from it. As he throws it at the closest shadow Kro, ice grows outward from his torso and head, covering all but his face. ]

[ SKLeader and the other Shadow Kro near Gravitor, hereafter SK2, both rush forward and glide into the air, spiraling as they slowly rise. Gravitor is far above them, and holds up a hand as the key falls into it. ]

Hah, I didn't think you knew how to fly for real.

[ Gravitor looks down and notices the four Shadow Kro on the ground hacking at Glacier's still-growing ice-shield. ]

GRAVITOR (cont'd):
Glacier! Hold on!

[ Gravitor dives for Glacier, landing on top of the dome of ice over his head. ]

Don't touch them!

Well then what am I supposed to do?

[ SK2 and SKLeader dive for Gravitor, who jumps off of Glacier's ice and over the heads of the Shadow Kro on the ground. ]

Ok, how about we have them touch each other?

[ SKLeader's path pitches toward one of the Shadow Kro on the ground. SKLeader spins before reaching the other, slashing a gash in Glacier's ice with its longsword. ]

Hey! You were supposed to stab your own people!

[ An ice spear flies from Glacier's face, striking the Shadow Kro behind SKLeader and causing it to fall back and disappear in black fog. SK2's sword stabs Glacier's ice from behind, and two of the Shadow Kro lift Glacier from the ground. ]

Hey! Leave him alone! I've got the key; come this way if you want it!

[ Gravitor throws the key off into the distance. SKLeader glides toward it. ]

I meant all of you!

[ Gravitor falls toward SKLeader, who swings its sword toward him. Gravitor narrowly twists out of the sword's reach, though there is a large tear in the right arm of his uniform. One of the Shadow Kro rushes past Gravitor and SKLeader, catching the key as it falls. ]

You weren't supposed to do that either!

[ The Shadow Kro move swiftly off of the road and into the night, carrying Glacier. Most of his ice has dissolved into fog, other than a few splotches around his shoulder and head. ]

Let him go!

[ Gravitor falls toward the party, but a bar of ice flies from Glacier's face and strikes him aside. One of the ShadowKro raises its sword and strikes the ice near the base, and the group is obscured in a large cloud of fog. ]

[ Gravitor hits the ground and rolls, quickly jumping to his feet. He breathes hard as he runs after the cloud. ]

GRAVITOR (panting):
You won't... get away...!

[ EXT. COUNTRYSIDE - NIGHT - AERIAL SHOT. :The cloud of black Fog grows as it races into the distance. ]

GRAVITOR (shouting):

[ INT. AIRPLANE - CABBIN - NIGHT. : Wind and Hydron are seated across the isle from a middle-aged couple. There is no noise from the plane itself, though there is plenty of sound from the chattering passengers. ]

I wish we'd hurry up and take off. I don't remember waiting this long in Denver.

We got there just before the flight left.

How long does it take to service a plane?

As long as we've been sitting here.

[ A man in a brown shirt and jeans wearing a wide-brimmed hat walks down the isle, followed by a dark-haired man in a gray sweater and similar pants with a flutecase in his arms. ]

Is that a flute?

A flutecase.

Is that even allowed?

Noone seems to have stopped him.

I hope he doesn't start playing. If Charles and Glacier are in trouble, we'll need to sleep on the way. It's hard enough to sleep on a plane...

[ EXT. RUNWAY - NIGHT. : A plane accelerates along the runway, then lifts into the air and flies into the sky. ]

[ Fade to black. ]

[ Fade in to EXT. MOUNTAINSIDE - DAWN. ]

[ A cloud of black fog rises up the mountain. It thins as it approaches the camera, and the Shadow Kro can be seen walking stoicly within. Glacier is suspended between them. ]

[ The progression approaches the crack in the mountain and passes through. ]

[ Pan slowly down the mountainside until the ground is nearly flat. Gravitor collapses onto the bottom of the slope, breathing heavily. He struggles to get to one knee, then collapses again. ]

GRAVITOR (panting):
How... do they... do it...

[ Gravitor punches the ground in determination, then begins to crawl quickly up the mountain. ]

[ INT. LAVA CHAMBER - DAWN. : Shentair cowers in a corner as the Shadow Kro enter. SKLeader moves to the stone where the other keys are set, placing the final key among them. Glacier is let to his feet, and he stands motionless. ]

Yes... They're going to complete the idol...

[ SKLeader and SK2 lift the stone and move it over the pit, slowly lowering it toward the lava. ]

[ Shentair watches the proceedings closely, then a distant sound breaks the silence, and Shentair looks up toward the crack. ]

There is an intruder!

[ Gravitor drifts into the room, landing lightly as he puts a hand on the stones surrounding the entrance for support. ]

Glacier! Are you all right?

Silence, fool!

[ Shentair raises his sword and advances toward Gravitor. ]

I remember you. Stay back, unless you want to eat that sword.

Ignorant light-hugging hawk! In mere moments, the idol of the Shadow Kro shall be completed. I will have power over all the talismens, and the Shadow Kro that hold them. You will be struck down before you can interfere.

Is that before or after you tell me your plan?

[ Over the pit, the keys on the rock begin to melt and form into streaks over the rock. ]

You are too late! You can't touch the Shadow Kro without falling under their power; I don't need to stop you!

What? ... Glacier! Hey, if you're not going to stop them, then come on!

[ Shentair laughs. ]

He is theirs! And soon, mine!

[ Glacier holds out a hand, and a stream of ice-fog flows from it, striking the stone over the pit. Lava bubbles up beneath it, sparks dance above it, and the gold over the rock bulges and takes the shape of a horned bull. The ice-fog covers the stone and the gold statuette, and the metal hardens. SK2 and SKLeader lift the stone out of the pit and place it on the ground between them. The other Shadow Kro surround the statuette, silver glows coming from beneath each cloak. ]

Glacier! Come on, man!

It is no use.

[ Shentair approaches the statuette. ]

SHENTAIR (cont'd):
Step aside, great Keeper, and I will lead you to glory!

[ Glacier makes his way to the other side of the circle. ]

Keeper, step aside.

[ Shentair raises his sword threateningly toward the Shadow Kro that stand in his way, though he makes no move to attack. ]

Allow me.

[ The Shadow Kro nearest Shentair falls back, knocking Shentair into the wall. He holds both arms to his side as he side-steps out of the way, lookig down at his chest. ]


What, scared that you'll fall under their spell?

[ Gravitor jumps off of the ground and strikes the ceiling of the chamber, kicking off of one of the walls to drift over the pit. ]

[ Shentair leaps through the gap created by the fallen Shadow Kro. The Shadow Kro advances to reclaim its spot, but Shentair reaches for the idol first. ]

[ A hiss rises from the circle of Shadow Kro, and a sword of ice forms in Glacier's hands. ]

Destroy him!

[ Shentair raises his sword to point at Gravitor. ]

SHENTAIR (cont'd):
Reclaim the glory of the Kro!

[ Glacier steps into the circle and aims his blade toward Shentair. ]

Obey me!

Get a little closer first!

[ The statuette slides across the ground, then falls toward SKLeader. The Shadow Kro all lower their swords in unison and thrust up darts toward Gravitor. Gravitor drops below the volley, but keeps falling toward the pit. He strikes the ground on the edge of the pit with his forearms and draws his legs up, just above the lava. ]

Fool! Now you end!

[ Shentair steps toward the statue, but Glacier blocks his path. ]

Step aside!

[ The Statue slides again, and the Shadow Kro all stab the ground with their swords. A circle of black flame ignites where their blades truck, spreading past them and toward Gravitor. ]

Don't you people run out of tricks?

[ Gravitor pushes off of the ground with his forearms, rising above the flames, but just bearly. ]

Get out of my way. I will lead the Shadow Kro to reclaim the world, and you won't stand in my way!

[ The camera focuses on Glacier, whose pupils are filled with fire, while the rest of his eyes flicker in and out of visibility, the chamber visible through them. ]

Fine! You may be tainted, but you lack the power to curse me.

[ Shentair thrusts his sword at Glacier, who blocks with his ice-blade. The two quickly enter an intense duel. ]

This has to end...

[ A pair of darts fly toward Gravitor, who twists to avoid them in his slow ascent. The motion, however, sends him back toward the ground, still slowly. ]

Great; why couldn't I just have telekinesis and be done with it?

[ Gravitor locks his gaze on a rock on the side of the pit to which Shentair has his back (or had his back, as he is presently moving a good deal) and begins to fall toward it; another dart sails past him, leaving a smoke trail along the back of his uniform. ]

Jees! No wonder Black Eagle had trouble with these guys!

[ Gravitor lands, turns, and extends a hand toward the statue. ]

GRAVITOR (cont'd):
Let's see just how this works.

[ The statue starts to lift off of the ground and fall toward Gravitor. The Shadow Kro turn toward Gravitor and stab the ground. Black flames fill the room near them and speed toward Gravitor, who jumps to the ceiling again. ]

Not this time.

[ The black flames strike Shentair's leg, and he screams in agony as he falls to the ground. Glacier stands over him with his sword raised. ]

Come on, Glacier; snap out of it! Darn it, if he wasn't there, I could try and get that lava to fall on them.

[ Shentair struggles up to a knee, making a powerful strike at Glacier's sword. Glacier's defenses are pushed back enough that Shentair makes a strike for Glacier's chest. ]


[ Gravitor dives for Shentair, kicking his sowrd out of his hand. The blade falls to the ground and strikes the statue. A hiss rises from the Shadow Kro as they close in. Glacier brings his ice-sword toward Gravitor, making a shallow cut to his back. Gravitor yells in pain as ice-fog rises from his back. ]

[ Shentair reaches a hand out and grabs his sword. ]

Time to die!

[ A sword flashes through the air above Shentair and goes toward his back (the corner of the screen). ]

[ Shot from above; the Shadow Kro and Glacier have Gravitor surrounded. Two of the Shadow Kro bear down over Shentair, though only his legs and arm are visible, black fog thickening around him as he roars in pain, then goes silent. ]

[ The Statue slides a bit; sparks fly from its horns, and it remains still. ]

GRAVITOR (in pain):
In the back...

[ Glacier and SKLeader bring their swords down toward Gravitor. The statue falls onto Gravitor, blocking both blades. Gravitor grunts in pain, and sparks fly from the statue. Gravitor slowly rises, holding onto the statue with both hands as the Shadow Kro stir around him. ]

GRAVITOR (pained):
Whoever holds this is supposed to control you, right? Well, I...

[ Gravitor breathes heavily. His face turns pale and fearful, and a red aura appears around him. ]

GRAVITOR (urgent):
Stop that... Get out of my head!

[ Gravitor releases the statue and it falls to the ground, the red aura fading. He jumps off of the ground as the Shadow Kro move in for him. ]

GRAVITOR (shaken):
Not doing that again. That thing has to go.

[ Glacier raises his sword, and a cloud of ice-fog follows Gravitor. He twists and falls toward the rock that he used previously as frost spreads along his arm and side. ]

What the... are you trying to freeze me?

[ Gravitor lands and rubs his frosted arm with his unfrosted hand. The Shadow Kro turn and stab the ground, and black flames rise again and spread throughout the room. ]

Not again!

[ Gravitor jumps into the air. Ice-fog blasts from Glacier, forcing Gravitor to fall toward the entrance. He hugs the wall, avoiding a fall into the black fire. ]

I'll be back! I'm not leaving without Glacier!

[ Gravitor pulls himself along the wall, the black flames and ice fog pursuing him out the crack in the mountainside and into the morning air. ]

[ EXT. ABOVE MOUNTAINSIDE - SUNRISE. : The Sun rises behind the mountain. ]

[ Gravitor emerges from a mass of rocks and throws himself up over it. Pan up and dissolve to... ]

[ EXT. SKY - MORNING. : A plane flies by. ]

[ INT. AIRPLANE - MORNING. : Wind and Hydron both are where they were, though Wind leans back in her seat with her eyes closed, while Hydron's head is lowered. ]

[ A battlecry comes from somewhere in the plane, and Hydron and Wind both jerk their heads up. Hydron blinks, and Wind rubs her eyes. ]

[ Standing in the middle of the isle is Kamal. Beside him is the gray-sweater-wearing man from before, wielding a dagger with a long, bone-shaped handle with a red-violet gem on the blade-less end. ]

I am Kamal, son of Kimal, and I am hijacking this plane! You are all now my hostages!

[ An uneasy murmer spreads throughout the passengers. ]

You ain't hijackin' nothin'!

Oh, great...

We shouldn't let anyone see us. We don't want any more delays.

Right. How'd he get that dagger in here?

KAMAL (cont'd):
My pilot, Dark Bob,

[ The man who shouted gets up and moves toward Kamal and the dagger-wielder, hereafter reffered to as Dark Bob; as he moves, he collides with a stuardess carrying a tray, and they both fall, the tray making a loud, cymbal-like clatter as it falls. ]

KAMAL (cont'd):
... will take you to our destination.

Sit down!

Be honored! You will experience our vengeance on the treacherous dogs that have hidden beneath your own hills for centuries! This plane will destroy the lair of the Kro; just stay in your seats.

[ Wind holds her hand just beyond the edge of the seat in front of her. A gust of wind hits Kamal in the chest, intensifies, and knocks him off of his feet. A man jumps from his seat and restrains Kamal on the floor. ]

One down...

[ Dark Bob steps back and suddenly reaches for a boy of roughly ten years of age, pulling him out of his seat as he holds the dagger to his throat. ]

[ Wind gasps, as do many other murmering passengers. ]

Even if I hit him, he can still use that on him...

[ fade in to EXT. MOUNTAINSIDE - DAY. : Gravitor is sprawled across the ground near a pair of large rocks. ]

[ There is the sound of footsteps, and a pair of Kro-armored figures--one wielding a mace, the other a broadsword--advance along the mountainside. ]

What's that by those rocks?

[ Gravitor moans softly. ]

Just a man. He's been cut. Leave him.

GRAVITOR (softly, muttering into the ground):
Just a man, huh?

[ One of the rocks slides a bit, then lifts from the ground and falls for the mace-wielding Kro. ]

'Ey! Wa--

[ The rock strikes the mace-wielder in the back and he goes flying, his weapon falling and rolling down the slope. The sword-wielder turns to look toward Gravitor, then looks back at the rock, which sits motionless on the ground. ]

[ The Kro looks back and forth between Gravitor and the rock indecisively, then raises his sword and charges for Gravitor. The fallen mace comes flying through the air and strikes the sword-wielder in the back, sending him to off of his feet to fall down the mountainside; his sword falls to the ground. ]

[ Gravitor gets up and walks over to the sword, picking it up. ]

Jees, how long was I out?

[ Gravitor pushes gently off of the ground and slowly rises into the air. From this height, it can be seen that several dark-armored figures are approaching the mountain on foot. Gravitor drops back to the mountainside. ]

Oh, great. The four we already dealt with weren't enough.

[ Gravitor walks over to the mace and tries to lift it with his free hand. He struggles at first, then it comes up as though weightless. Gravitor carefully pushes the broadsword's blade into his belt to wield the mace with both hands. One of the nearby rocks falls toward him, but strikes the ground before reaching him. Gravitor starts walking up the mountain, the rock floating-and-bouncing after him. ]

I'm taking out that statue. And getting Glacier back.

[ EXT. MOUNTAINTOP - DAY. : The mountain is crowned by several rocks protruding from snow that is streaked with earth as though recently disturbed. Gravitor climbs into view from one side of the screen; Glacier from the other.* ]


[ They stop and face one another; Glacier's entire face flickers in and out of visibility, only the fire at the center of his eyes remaining visible. ]

Listen to me. I don't know what those things did to you, but you aren't one of them. I don't know much about you, I admit, but I know one thing that you said.

[ Flash through white to... ]

[ INT. ISDA MEETINGROOM - DAY. : The ISDAChairman is in his customary position. Black Eagle stands to one side, Wind, Gravitor and Hydron near the opposite wall, Glacier in the middle of the room. (Reference episode 1). ]

GLACIER (muffled):
I oppose acting darkness.

[ Flash through white to.. ]


GRAVITOR (cont'd):
If there's anything that I'd call acting darkness, it's those shadow Kro. I know you aren't so crazy as to think any different on this one. So what will it be?

[ Glacier steps forward and raises his ice-sword. Fade to black. ]


4:17PM 2/22/2010