Welcome to Jeqo Legends! Umm, it's... really... awesome? Well, we can't promise that; after all, it's the first Jeqo game to be programmed from (mostly) scratch (Ok, so the cookie functions are from a particularly easy-to-find master of browser compatable scripting...).

  So, we have a text-based fighting game, in which you can play as a variety of Jeqo characters. And... fight. With text. Doesn't that sound thrilling? ... Amusing? Something?

  Well, Enough talk; I only suggest that one actually reads the instructions, as they might just be helpful!

How to play...

  Basic commands, anyone? Once you get into a battle, these are the commands that are availible for use:

  •   approach: Move toward the target (typically the leader of the opposing team).
  •   retreat: Move away from the target.
  •   run: Move faster. You'll be prompted for direction; anything besides "forward" will be treated as backward. "forward" results in running toward the target. (Note that running can be used to dodge long-range attacks).
  •   attack: Generic attack that uses a character's base strength. Cancels quick attacks and has no special effects.
  •   quick: A character's quick attack. Cancels slow attacks.
  •   slow: Use the character's slowest attack. Often times lack of speed is made up for with strength or effect (though not often enough; slow attacks can have the same priority as normal attacks, though, so... yeah. Rock paper scissors, only not...).
  •   long: Use a long-range attack. Can be dodged by running. Unlike quick, slow, and normal attacks, long-range attacks can hit from a distance, provided the target is at the right angle (straight or Chess-type diagonals).
  •   defend: Guards against pretty much all damage, other than some items, and maybe some traps.
  •   useItem: Use the character's item (if one is equipped). Yes, the capitalization is important.
  •   partner: Call an ally to help, or send an ally away. Requires a team of more than one character... partners are AI-controlled.
  •   switch: Switch player control to the next member of the team.
  •   target: Supposedly changes the target to the next member of the opposing team.
  •   stats: View the health and power of each character on both teams, as well as the status of the battle overall.
  •   quit: Exit the battle. This should return you to the battle menu. (And if you can't get out from there, you clearly aren't reading the prompt...).

      More help? Ask us your questions!


    6:02 AM 2/12/2010

    Totally added a Taoe jq, guys! Only covers the first four episodes, but I'm sure anyone that cares will find it more than enough for the time being.

    The Taoe JQ comes with a bunch of Taoe characters and three new arenas. So... have fun with that. (Remember that displays can be activated from options > display! Though those probably need fixing as well.).

    12:05 PM 2/1/2008

      This game has been dead for a year and a half, and it's got plenty of glitches, and we've got new characters. Not to mention the fact that IE7's anti-prompt policy screws it up as a page-loading program. So for starters, I'm moving the main stuff into a function and forcing you to start via a button on the page (alt+g). In doing that, the page has been redesigned (as you might have noticed if you've been here before). So intro page is pretty obsolete.

      Plan on finding and fixing as many glitches as possible, hopefully dealing with anything else that qualifies as annoying along the way. And since Taoe is out (in a very non-serious format somewhere hidden...), it stands to reason that Taoe characters (and an associated jq) should be added. I'll probably enhance the 'jq's to be a little more interesting, and the items are clearly in need of updating (since I just added a bunch and didn't make them usable).

      So, I guess that's all. Too many "shoulds" and "probablys"...(Should probablys... be probablies?).

    This page is copyright © 2005-2008 C. A. E. Jones. All characters, stories, Etc used in this file are copyright © C. A. E. Jones unless otherwise noted. C. A. E. Jones and take no responsibility for any damages that may occur as a result of accessing this page or executing the contained scripts. And stuff.

    12:13 PM 2/1/2008